There is a thief among us; crafty and cunning.
He is not that strong really,
but has a persistent vision and goal – to steal all the good he can from us until the day we will discover him and when you do, you will have to stop him or else he will continue with the stealing. What it’s name – fear.

Among the things it steals, peace has got to be the most precious.

Peace. When we fear, we automatically will lose peace. Over the weekend we went for a team building event which was at a camping site meaning we slept outside surrounded by trees and bushes. Now the whole place is surrounded by an electric fence, but for me that was not enough for I feared a lion or a leopard would come into our tent and eat us! I know this sounds hilarious but the fear was so strong in me that i could not stop talking about how worried i am that we might be eaten and I just couldn’t sleep. My ‘tent’ mate had to talk to me to relax amidst me moving around the tent making sure there we no snakes under the bed😂. She reminded me something, “Grace we prayed before we started the trip, have faith in God and sleep!” and then finally she requested, “can we switch off the lights?” of which I didn’t want to but I had to agree. It became easy though because of these words, ‘have faith in God.’ I had to pray myself to sleep though and God is good I slept😊

I know of a group, as they were travelling to Mombasa, one of the members could not sleep in the bus. Why? She feared they would have an accident. She lacked peace and so was tormented the whole trip.

Have you ever been tormented by fear? Do you think you should be in that position? Do you think God likes you in that state of torment and lacking in peace? No. He doesn’t. He wants us to be free of all bondages and one of those is a bondage called fear.

I have so far learnt that there is fear brought about by wisdom. That kind though does not torment us, it’s to help us. E.g it is normal to fear the touch of fire because it will burn you(wisdom). But there is a fear that torments, that steals away peace, joy even blessings. Jesus speaks about in 2 timothy 1:7

He reminds us that we do not have a spirit of fear rather the spirit of power, love and self control.

From that scripture, I feel, He reminds or rather wants us to know that fear is a foreigner, and an intruder not of Him but clearly of the rulers the world.

The last three words also go to show that fear is not a small thing to be tolerated but something to be fought and stopped once discovered. It is a power that if not stopped can over power us.

Do we have the power to stop fear? Yes. How?

1).Be careful of what you watch. The devil will use any opportunity to invade you. Example: there are people who after watching horror movies they have nightmares and lack sleep why? The devil is using the images from movies to cause nightmares. The devil can magnify things to scare us. To make us fearful. He will use the images we allow to occupy our minds.

2).Be careful what you listen to and even if you have to listen, then sieve what needs to stay and what needs to leave your mind and heart. By the Spirit of wisdom given by God, get to know what to take in and what to throw away. The devil uses words to destroy us too. Some words bring about a fear of people. Test those words with the word of God and you will over come!! Focus on powerful words, life giving words e.g. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

3).Know God. Know and have a relationship with He who says He didn’t give us a Spirit of fear but of power, love and self control. Speak to God about your fears and in turn He will give you His courage. Always invite God when you feel fearful…he will answer. Call unto me and I will answer you(Jeremiah 33:3) This has worked for me and still does. He can reveal why we feel the fearful and even how to stop it. What an awesome God we serve!!!👏👏

4).Make a conscious decision to challenge fear with faith. The battle will not be easy but by the power of the (Spirit God)we are victorious. Not by might, nor by power but by the Spirit of God. That is what the bible reminds us.

To have peace and to have an attitude of courage, we will have to decide to want these things, which is for our own good. Just as it is a conscious decision to eat well so as to stay healthy so, should it be a conscious decision to overcome fear with faith. And as we reap the benefits of eating healthy, so do we reap the benefits of faith – among them is peace and courage.

5). Finally, seek deliverance if the torments persist. Call unto the blood of Jesus to destroy this foreigner. Bind and cast it out in the name of Jesus. Seek healing of the inner man😊 from memories and events that give the devil power to attack through fear.

We are victorious through Jesus Christ.

Always remember God is faithful. ❤❤😊🙏

God bless you.

Just the way you are


Don’t struggle to be what you are not instead be happy in the peace and joy that comes in being you.😀😀

Have you ever noticed that it is difficult to be someone or something you are not? It is difficult to wear a facade(mask) before people. Why?because it’s a struggle to be fake.

Recently, I had an encounter when I was ministering through *praise* and I was told to stop making noise. Okay, I have heard this statement not once, not twice but this time round it got to me and I stopped. However, it became such a struggle to do ministry again with confidence because fear came in, self rejection and inferiority.

But I thank the Spirit for freedom through this inspiration – don’t struggle to be what you are not rather be free in being yourself!! And so with new strength, I prayed and asked the Spirit to bless me with grace, wisdom and to restore my confidence so as to minister *His love, care and presence* *as directed by* *Him.* The next time I ministered, I did as me, as per the graces, strengths and gifts given to me. And He was faithful; He moved, He flowed, He blessed and He was with me every step of the way and I am grateful, 😀very grateful actually. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

God is good. God is great. God is powerful. God is unique. God is creative. Consequently, so are we. We are great, we are powerful, we are unique and creative. In our uniqueness the Spirit will move. He doesn’t like fake, he doesn’t even move in fake(acts 19:13-16). He wants us to know our strengths and consequently move and work powerfully through our uniqueness.

In the Bible, you will notice He moved powerfully when people began to accept themselves, their gifts, talents and strengths.

Joshua was told to not be afraid, I am with you just like I was with Moses. God didn’t say, do it like Moses rather He said, “just like I was with Moses, I will be with you.”

Mordecai advised Queen Esther that she was in a good position to save the Jews. They didn’t need a mighty warrior at that point they needed someone who was highly favoured before the king and someone who understood and served the God of the Jews to save them and who better than Esther; a woman – yes, not a mighty warrior – yes but rather someone who fitted the purpose for that time.

Jesus created us, knows and loves ❤ us all. He knows how unique we are and he is looking to work in us through our uniqueness. Why? He needs that genius in you, that creativity, that strength in you to bring out a particular purpose unto His glory.

Ben Carson, one of the greatest surgeons we have in the world, has been used by the God to restore good health to many tumour cases. But when you read his books, he writes of how he struggled to accept himself, the fact that he had poor vision, poor grades in school, their father abandoned them, they then became so poor that they had to depend on government handouts – they generally struggled in life.

Bitterness and anger got the best of him that he became a hopeless and violent character. God is good though, that through acceptance of self, his strengths and weakness, he was able to allow God to work through him. Take a look at Him now – a celebrated surgeon world over👏🏼👏🏼

I don’t know what strength is in you, maybe it’s enough to save your family, society, a friend, child or spouse. Your strength may allow you to be a best dad or mum, teacher, leader, professional….the list is endless. We don’t know, and we may never really know what our strengths can do until we allow the Spirit to work through them unto His glory. Alleluia. Amen.

Thank you Jesus. 🙏🏽

*”As I was with Moses, so I* *will be with you; I will never* *leave you nor forsake you.”* {Joshua 1:5}

So, relax and cheer up, He’s got your back.

*#come Holy Spirit*
*#we love you*
*#you are most welcome

Thank you and God bless you.

Dream Again

Jane Muthoni, a kenyan gospel artist has a song titled, Kiroto(dream). In the chorus she says, “even if my dream has not come to pass, the Lord, God of Joseph is alive and I will dream again!”

Let’s look at the life of Joseph. Genesis chapter 37 – Joseph had a dream that his sheaf of wheat got up and stood straight and that his brothers’ sheaves of wheat formed a circled around his and bowed down to it. It is written that his brothers got angry, jealous and hated him even more – Genesis 42:8. He had another dream in which he saw the sun, the moon and eleven stars and the moon bow down before him. He told his father who scolded him and brushed him off. Fast forward to Genesis chapter 42:5-6, we see the dreams come to pass when Joseph is made governed over all of Egypt – second in command to Pharaoh{Genesis 41:40-44}.

Joseph had a dream, a powerful dream which was confusing to him at the time because of his young age. So, he decided to share with those he thought would be quick to help him understand and hopefully encourage him. However, he meet hostility and rejection and I can only imagine how it hurt  😢 Joseph to be meet with indifference from the people he expected to show him love, support or even champion him. It must have been painful and confusing, one can just feel like giving up – I know because I have been there.

I have been in a situation where the people I looked up to as mentors later on became hostile. To me, they became people I would rather run away from because their words and actions had become poison to my heart and mind. It was painful and confusing at the same time. It was so bad that I remember wanting to give up many things. I remember, I felt like running away to a place of refuge where there was no hate, no indifference and no biasness. I wanted a place of refuge and peace. God is good that I never gave up on my dream(leadership) at the time. I stayed on, in that fire of hate and rejection. I persevered and God was with me.😀

I survived unfair judgement and maliciousness and I managed to live out a dream – to the dismay of those who wanted me to give up and leave. When I look back at everything, I wonder what could have made people I loved so much, respected, admired and even aspired to be like them treat me with coldness, like an outsider, a foreigner ready to be destroyed!

Two things come to mind:-

  • Jealousy – this is a very bad thing. It can even kill if given power. Meaning if the person who is jealous allows, the feeling of jealousy to have power then it can kill friendships, destroy peace among people even family, breed hate and discord and eventually death and destruction(Abel and Cain).
  • The devil roams around ready to destroy people{1 Peter 5:8} and he knows that God will direct us on how to live out our destinies. God does this in many ways among them is through dreams. He will speak to us through dreams, visions, scriptures and he will even open up gifts and talents that will help us to live out our destinies but unfortunately. The devil is mad at us, hates us and is jealous of us because we are loved by the Father and he is not. We have a chance to eternal life to rejoice with the Father forever in His loving arms and he will not. Further, we are here on earth to do the will of God, spreading His love and care to all and the devil does not want the will of God to be done in any way form or manner so he will attack the dreamer so that dream does not come to pass.

In the story of Joseph, the devil got a chance through the brothers and wanted to kill the dreamer but God being faithful he protected the dreamer from death for the sake of the dream to come to pass!

We, just like Joseph, have dreams, goals and ambitions. Some dreams/goals which eventually become a hearts desire come to us very early(when we are still young, sometimes physically young or spiritually young either way the dream has come and desire has been formed in the heart. At this point being naive; the devil and jealous people will take advantage to destroy. That is why it is important to be careful who we speak to about our hearts desire for an evil person may want to kill it and the devil of course is always roaming around to bring death and destruction because he knows, if your heart’s desire comes to pass then it will go to give God glory and continue in the spread of the kingdom of God of which he does not like.

So what do we that our dreams/hearts desire don’t die?

  1. Know who you are – know your worth and understand your value. Understand that you are valuable and God did not put that heart’s desire in you to destroy you,  rather it is to bless you and glorify Himself.  So, love and embrace who you are so that the devil doesn’t steal your desire through rejection or self rejection. Example, if you have a dream of getting married, forget the heart breaks you have experienced, forget the negative that people say against you and pursue your heart’s desire. Pray and plan for a marriage and family life and our God of dreams and destinies will see you through in Jesus name.
  2. Live wise. Let the hurt and the pain we have endured because of jealous people teach us to be careful with whom we share our dreams with. Some people, even those we least expect it may want to destroy us so that the dream/heart’s desire does not come to pass.
  3. Invite God into your life. Let your life and all about it be rooted in Christ. He is the one who will make us stand when evil rises against us. When friends become jealous, He will shield us from their evil, hold on to our destinies, fight for us and make sure we live them out no matter what. We may be shaken but we will not fall and if we do fall we are sure to rise again even stronger in Jesus name and unto God’s glory. Alleluia!!!
  4. Be positive always. To dream again after you have been treated cruelly to the point of being crushed is not easy. So we pray to always be positive about us and our dreams. Know that nothing evil lasts forever, only God has the ability to last forever – meaning goodness will cancel out evil in our live and we will one day rise again. We will dream again, we will find new friends, and we shall find favour both in eyes of God and man.

So, I dare you to dream again, believe in your self again, believe you are a leader and given a chance to lead you shall do it well directed by God’s wisdom. It doesn’t matter if previously we have met opposition or indifference – it doesn’t matter. Dream again and if another chance comes; go for it. If it is marriage, prepare yourself for it. Pray and plan for it. God will meet you in your positivity and will bless you.

Dreamers, yes we are, and it is not abnormal. Continue to dream, continue to push, continue to hope and he who searches the hearts of men will help us overcome and achieve our hearts desire unto His glory. Alleluia. Amen

Psalms 118:24

“This is the day, this is the day
that Lord has made,
that the Lord has made,
I will rejoice, I will rejoice
and be glad in it, and be glad in it”

The above are a few lines to a common song that reminds us to rejoice and be glad in the day the Lord has given us. Let’s be honest though, there are days, if that song is sang close to you, you probably would not sing along because at that point you probably don’t feel like you have much to rejoice in. Those  moments when we feel like we want to hide from the world and be somewhere crying or be doing anything else that will help to release the anger from within.

Sometimes, things, events or situations  can make us feel defeated, worn out, about to break or just wanting to give up in life. In my past, I could probably count the number of  times when things seem to have worked out well. I remember most of my days as being full of fear and pretending to be someone I am not so as to please people. I remember days when I used to cry so much and I remember days of wanting to commit suicide – days of depression.

The truth is days different; some can be good and others can be crazy- so crazy to the point of  wishing the worst for ourselves. What do we do when such days happen? When we wake up and feel emotionally down like we want to give up in life? What happens when our days are marred by people who want to bring us down? What happens on those  days when we feel so demotivated?

A day has many elements: – there is the weather, there are the people we will meet, there are the situations and events that we meet which make up that day. No one can tell how their day will start or end. It can start well and end up bad. It can have a bad start and end up well or it could just be all good.
In my life, my days have been different just like every other person under the sun. As I stated earlier; I remember days of rejection, feeling defeated, tired mentally and emotionally. I remember suffering from withdrawal tendencies and I didn’t have friends – I had very few. My pains would cause me to feel defeated.  I would start a day in very low spirits, I could be quite irritable, bitter, angry and I would easily lash out at anyone even my parents and regret it later because I knew my words were harsh and disrespectful😢

I hated it. I hated that my emotions could be up one moment and down the next. I hated that one moment I could have strong positive thoughts and the next moment, I am dull and negative about myself and others. I wanted my life to change so bad and by the grace of God it did. Alleluia 🙌🙌

God has helped me in so many ways and among them is through Psalms 118:24, “this is the day, the Lord has made, I shall be glad and rejoice in it.”  Through this scripture, I learnt that we have the capacity to rejoice in our days, regardless of how they appear or turn out. Whether our days started out good or bad, we don’t have the final say as to how it will end. We, however, have  options: either we allow the devil or God to have the final say.

It’s often said, keep a positive attitude always of which is very important for it makes us see things differently and always keeps us going even when things get tough. I used to read a lot of inspirational books; I still do and they really helped to change my thoughts and emotions from low to high, from weak to strong. However, I noticed that I would usually follow the advice written on those books so as to stay positive but within no time I would end in the same moody and dull position of being fearful, negative, critical e.t.c until Psalms 118:24, I learnt it is important to always invite the power of Christ into our day to day. You see, being positive about life is not based on our energy rather we have to have the strength of the Father to achieve positivity.

Matthew 13: 1-23, it is written that some seed fell on rocky ground, on thorny bushes, others on the street and others fell on fertile ground. We can hear all the inspiration we need to help us be positive and regain back strength, but from experience I have learnt that without the backing of the Father they can easily be taken away by the devil who always roams through the earth to devour us{1 Peter5:8}. So what do we do for us to rejoice, enjoy life regardless of the storms?

Submit your plans to the Lord and He will establish you. Learn to submit your days to the Lord – everything of that day to the Lord. Invite Him into your thoughts and emotions. Let’s invite Him into our families and friendships and His grace help us to live out that day.

Give the grace of God a chance. For many people including myself, I have noticed that we don’t give the grace of God a chance to manifest in our lives. We are very used to handling matters on our own that we have not allowed God to be strong in our weakness hence not giving His grace a chance to manifest and prove itself. So what happens is that when we meet tests and trying times, it then becomes easy to  give up for we are not used to calling upon the grace of God to be our strength until we pass the tests. Grace means the strength of God at work in us. Our days/lives may be filled or rather we will meet difficult moments that we don’t know how to fix and that is when the grace of God is needed – that when we are weak He is strong and hence storms of life cannot pin us down because by his grace we stand strong alleluia!

Have Faith in God. When we pray to God about a desired need, we need to have faith that He has heard us and at His own time, He will answer us. When we have faith in God, we trust that all will work out well.
Have a good relationship with God. In the above scripture, David says, this is the day the Lord has made. He acknowledges, all authority over things seen or unseen, in the heavens and earth belong to the Lord and so His Lord who is bigger than him and his challenges will see him through anything of that day so the best he can and shall do is to put his trust in the Lord Almighty and rejoice. To have such deep and royal trust in someone to see you through anything it means you will have to know that person on a deeper level and you understand how he/she works and operates and that is how this man after God’s own heart knew. He invested in his relationship with God and hence could easily surrender his all to the Almighty and knowing that God does not forsake the faithful have peace and rejoice.

In conclusion, life is good and all the things that God has given us in life are good. However, life can be tough; people, events and circumstance can make us feel/want to give up in life. But don’t. We usually feel defeated because we do things on our own. We sometimes make the mistake of living life on our own, relying on our intelligence, strength, beauty or prowess to see us though in life and worse yet in difficult life situations. Well yes, on our own we can live life, but live it miserably. It is rather wise to always call upon God the author of our lives to help us to live it. He will give us grace, peace, wisdom the strength we need to live life – actually each day so that we don’t give up under the oppression of the kingdom of darkness, rather we live life and life it in full as He purposed when He died for it on the cross.

So today, tomorrow, the next day or any other time open Psalms 118:24, and declare to self that, “this is the day the Lord has made and I shall be glad and rejoice in it.” This is the family and friends that He has given me and I shall be glad and rejoice in them. This is this the job the Lord had allowed me to have on this day and so I shall rejoice and be glad in it. These are the gifting and talents that God has given me, I will be glad and rejoice in them. This is the body, the skin colour, the height, the weight the Lord has given me and I will be glad and rejoice in me! So help me lord even if rejection comes my way, help me to love me even more!

When we speak positivity and invite the Father into all that makes up our lives, I believe He is faithful to respond. He will give is the grace that we need to live life -.every day no matter what we face for in him we live, breath, move and have our being{Acts 17:28}. He is the strength to walk us through anything. And that is why we are to rejoice in the Lord always again I say rejoice!

I wish you all the best in this your new journey of inviting Yahweh every step of the way and I do hope you enjoy the ride.


‘Love is not a place to come and go as we please. It’s a house we enter into then commit to never leave. So lock the door behind you, throw away the keys, work it out together. Let it bring us to our knees. Love is a shelter in a raging storm. Love is the peace in the middle of a war. If we try to leave, may God send an angel to guard the door. Love is not a fight, but it’s something worth fighting for……’- words from a song titled Love is not a fight by Warren Barfield.

Question: Do you know love? If you do, do you embrace it or do you fight it? Love is not a fight but it’s something worth for. This song changed my perception on love and to date it is  teacher in this matter called love.

What is love? – a strong feeling of affection, a great interest and pleasure in something, a warm feeling that we feel around people, things or places we appreciate e. t. c. Love can be described in many ways by different people, but bottom line is – we all need love whether we know it or not, further we all have the capacity to give it out if we want to.

Love is like an air of fresh breath. And if it was food, then it would be everyone’s favourite fot it’s taste is unmatched. If it were a fragrance, then we would all want to be around it for it’s sweet and pleasant scent. And if it were a drink then we would all want to quench our souls with it. If it were a colour, it would be everyone’s favourite because of it’s attractiveness to the eye, subtle and cool.

What is a need? It is something essential or very important rather than just desirable. Needs are things we cannot live without. We need water, air and food to survive. We also need love for it is crucial for survival. Why do I say crucial – because many people suffer from lack of it. Example:- depression – a disease of the mind that can affect anyone if we are not careful and it’s generally caused by, just to mention a few:-

  • Abuse. Past physical, sexual, or emotional abuse can increase the vulnerability to clinical depression later in life.
  • Other personal problems. Problems such as social isolation due to other mental illnesses or being cast out of a family or social group can contribute to the risk of developing clinical depression.
  • Conflict. Depression in someone who has the biological vulnerability to develop depression may result from personal conflicts or disputes with family members or friends.

We may have food, water and other essentials but, if we lack love then there is no meaning for anything, and that is why sadly some people opt for suicide to end all the pain caused by lack of it.

We need love and cannot live without it. If so, why do we fight it? I have come to learn we fight it not because we want to, but because we don’t understand it hence we destroy a priceless gift given to us by the Yahweh – freely! Over time through my own life experiences, I have learnt that love is very powerful and precious to mankind. It is the beginning of progress, growth and peace to mankind and because of this the devil tries to away take it away from us at every given opportunity and sometimes he wins!

Human beings are made from love, So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them’ {Genesis 1:27}. Who is God? God is love {1 John 4:8}. If God created us and He is love, then it means that every ingredient that makes up the human being – mind, body, soul and spirit is love! This then means that when we rise up against love – we rise up against ourselves. When we destroy it – we destroy ourselves.

Can you sight incidences of love in your life? Can you sight the benefits of this love to you? Can you remember how good it feels to be shown love, the peace and the joy that comes with being loved? The above☝☝☝ are pictures laced with love and my hope is that we can get lost in these images and remember love – remember how good it feels to love and to be loved.  For me I remember love like this:-

  • how sometimes when it got dark, and I am out late, I would usually call my brother to come pick me from where I was and walk me home because I feared the dark. He would come even when I got him out of sleep! – love
  • I remember when my colleagues contributed money to help in my aunt’s burial expenses – that sacrifice of money is a show of love.
  • I remember when one time as we were preparing for the next worship session, I got an attack. So, my fellow team members stopped the preparation for the upcoming songs to take time and pray for me – I got delivered from the attack, we continued well and the presence of the Spirit was felt- that is love.
  • I remember when my mum used to stay up late in the night with me as I wrote articles that needed to be published weekly at our church pamphlets. She would have chosen to sleep on her comfortable bed but she choose to sleep on the sofa and keep me company -that is love.

I speak of passionately about love because I faced the lack of it in my life especially through rejection and it terrible! Sometimes rejection around me would be so bad that just a taste of love was enough. Jesus Christ attracted me to himself through love and I couldn’t resist. It’s something I didn’t quite know and I needed so bad that when I got it – it became my food, my water, my breath and my life. It is currently my everything.

From my point of view, I feel we fight love because:

1) We don’t know it.

2)We don’t understand how it works.

  • Like I said before love is good, beautiful and strong, but we may not have grasped it like the devil has and that’s why we suffer so much when we want and desire it because he knows it’s power, hates it and likes to crush it at every given opportunity. You see the devil knows about love more than we do – he knows it’s benefits, power and might. He does not have it inside of him, but he knows about it. And if love is God-  be rest assured the devil knows about him more than we do. The good news though, is that the devil has no power over love for love is and will always be more powerful than the devil. Now, assume you don’t know the value of gold. If this is the case you would probably toss it aside. The fact that you tossed it aside doesn’t mean it lost it’s value! It just means you were not smart enough and someone who knows it and values it will be blessed by the benefits that come from it. Likewise, if we toss love aside because of arrogance, pride, bitterness, hate, desire for vengeance and the likes, then we are the ones to lose out!


  • Because we don’t understand how love works -we take it for granted. Love is patient and kind so be patient with people, you will need them one day. No one stays in the  same position for ever, they will change and when they do, where will you be?  Love is not jealous – this brings discord among people and it’s set out to destroy love. If you want love to last and want to continue enjoying the benefits of it in friendships, then be content with what you have and be happy for others. Love is strong – It’s not meant to be weak, give in or give up. So, when we give up on family members because of their weakness then it means we don’t know that love is meant to be resilient and it’s this resilience that it goes to change even the hardest of hearts.

In conclusion I would say, love is good, kind, strong and just nice. It goes to do good to the receiver and never wants to harm. It always does what is best; bringing hope and cheer all around. Love is God meaning it is strength, power, freedom and sweetness all wrapped in one. Love is not just an ordinary feeling rather it is a powerful feeling with a grace behind it meaning we are not alone in this. We have the strength in us to love and to continue feeling it. Further, it means we have the capacity to share even to the hardest of  hearts and hence our peace and joy that surpasses human understanding.

Fighting for love may not be so easy, but knowing love and remembering what love is can go along way in helping us to maintain it.

I love you and I hope this article will help remember love, thank God for it and by His grace –  fight for it. God bless you.

Final Say

Who has the final say – Jehovah has the final say – Jehovah turns my life around, Jehovah turns my life around – He makes a way where the seems no way -Jehovah you have the final say! –  words to one of my favourite😍 songs and very powerful too. Usually when the song is sung; our faces will light up, we get all energetic and happy because we can feel the power behind the song. Hope is restored, strength is renewed and faith is renewed. Joy and gladness trickle back into our hearts and mind because of the focus we have on God at the time – focus on his power, ability, might and strength and at that point of praise we feel and know that our Lord will crush anything in our way – anything preventing life in full.

God does have the final say on earth and in the heavens so let’s look at a few biblical examples:-

God’s servant – Job. The devil went to the Almighty to ask for permission to test one of His righteous – Job. He was allowed but he was told not to kill Job and he didn’t! He tested Job all he could through disease, pain of mind, body and emotion, but could not kill him. God gave an order that his righteous should not be killed and the devil obeyed – he fears God very much.

Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego. These three men refused to bow down the the gods of Nebuchadnazar. So, the king gave an order that they be thrown into a furnace and burn to death for their disobedience. In the furnace, God did a miracle so great that left every one in awe of Him.  It is written that God protected them by sending an angel into the furnace to prevent them from burning…….. “So Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego came out of the fire, 27 and the satraps, prefects, governors and royal advisers crowded around them. They saw that the fire had not harmed their bodies, nor was a hair of their heads singed; their robes were not scorched, and there was no smell of fire on them”. God allowed this miracle to show that the of Israel is Supreme over all gods and He does have final say in everything!{Daniel 3:16-28}.

Not even nature can block God’s final say. It is in nature that an old woman cannot give birth but it had to obey God and Sarah gave birth. The red sea had to obey and part ways for the Israelites to cross to the other side. The lions had to shut their mouth lest they eat a servant of God – Daniel. In truth there are many examples that show God has the final say. I have my own testimonies and you probably have testimonies too that prove this.

The death of Jesus. The Pharisees thought he was done, his followers knew it is was over until God resurrected him. The resurrection of Jesus goes to prove that even death has no final say.

Is it possible that God can lack a final in our lives? No because God is God and there is nothing that can challenge his rule, authority and supremacy over all. But it is possible that we; knowingly or unknowingly can allow another force to deny us the joy of God’s final say in our lives. Sometimes the rulers of the world can block our blessings from reaching us just because they want to oppress, destroy and finish us.

In the book of Daniel chapter 10:1-14 – It is written that Daniel had a vision that really disturbed him, so he undertook a 21 day fast to understand the vision/message from the Father.

At that time I, Daniel, mourned for three weeks. I ate no choice food; no meat or wine touched my lips; and I used no lotions at all until the three weeks were over.  After the fast an angel came bearing good news(blessings) –

12 Then he continued, “Do not be afraid, Daniel. Since the first day that you set your mind to gain understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard, and I have come in response to them. 13 But the prince of the Persian kingdom resisted me twenty-one days. Then Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, because I was detained there with the king of Persia. 14 Now I have come to explain to you what will happen to your people in the future,for the vision concerns a time yet to come.” These scriptures go to prove that it is possible for the devil to block a blessing, breakthrough/victory. From the scriptures it is also evident that another force can deny us the joy of enjoying in the final say of God over our lives. It’s main purpose is that we live in pain, anguish, oppression and eventually destruction – 10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy{John 10:10a}. Even so, I thank God because of his Spirit who is our direction our of the devil trap every time.👏👏🙌🙌

If given a chance, the devil, can interfere with God’s final over our lives and can block God’s blessings from reaching us. How? The biggest way I have learnt is through sin. He takes advantage of our rebellious and ignorant nature to destroy us. You see when we live in sin, I feel we lack complete protection{our Father in heaven is merciful however our sin give the devil permission to attack us}of the Father unless we go back to him in repentance and he will take us back, guard and take care of us unto his Glory{Psalms 91: 14-16}.

Case in point the prodigal son, he had no protection of the Father until he went back in repentance but, before he did; he really suffered. His father had no final say in the places he went to waste himself but the world did, and until he went back to his father did the full protection back – Luke 15:11-32.

17 “When he came to his senses, he said, ‘How many of my father’s hired servants have food to spare, and here I am starving to death! 18 I will set out and go back to my father and say to him: Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you. 19 I am no longer worthy to be called your son; make me like one of your hired servants.’ 20 So he got up and went to his father.

“But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and was filled with compassion for him; he ran to his son, threw his arms around him and kissed him.

It is often said,  P. R. A. Y until something happens. When faced with a tough, painful situation it is advised to pray. Sometimes even the doctors will reach a point and say, ‘pray for God to have the final say in your health’. Question is, how will this happen if we live in sin- outside His protection?

Job had protection from the God because he lived a righteous life. What he worked for – God blessed and protected such that he became the richest man, wealthiest an inspiration to all around. The challenge came when God allowed the devil to test him. This test was to build his Faith in God.

“Does Job fear God for nothing?” Satan replied. 10 Have you not put a hedge around him and his household and everything he has? You have blessed the work of his hands, so that his flocks and herds are spread throughout the land. 11 But now stretch out your hand and strike everything he has, and he will surely curse you to your face.” 12 The Lord said to Satan, “Very well, then, everything he has is in your power, but on the man himself do not lay a finger.”{Job 1:9-12}

When we don’t live a righteous life we don’t have protection of the Father so we are prone to attacks of the devil who came to pull us down.

Do you  have protection of the Father? Is the devil challenged when he attacks you or is it easy for him? Do you live a righteous life? If not it explains why Jesus has no final say in your life.

Examples of how sin – lack of righteous can make God not to have final say:

  • 18 Some men came carrying a paralyzed man on a mat and tried to take him into the house to lay him before Jesus. 19 When they could not find a way to do this because of the crowd, they went up on the roof and lowered him on his mat through the tiles into the middle of the crowd, right in front of Jesus. 20 When Jesus saw their faith, he said, “Friend, your sins are forgiven.” {Luke 5:18-25}

Once the sins of the paralytic were forgiven so did he receive his freedom. I tend to believe that the devil who bound the man through sin found no legal ground once the man repented. The man’s act of humility and righteousness allowed God to have the final say hence his complete freedom from a paralytic state!

  •  44 Then Jesus turned toward the woman and said to Simon, “Do you see this woman? When I came into your house, you gave me no water for my feet, but she washed my feet with her tears and dried them with her hair. 45 You gave me no kiss of greeting, but she has been kissing my feet since I came in. 46 You did not put oil on my head, but she poured perfume on my feet. 47 I tell you that her many sins are forgiven, so she showed great love. But the person who is forgiven only a little will love only a little.” 48 Then Jesus said to her, “Your sins are forgiven. {Luke 7:36-50} and I believe that woman got freedom in her soul that no one in that room had ever experienced.

Sin can bind and torture a soul and I feel the woman in the above scriptures was so tortured that she had nothing to lose. She probably didn’t know Jesus much but her utmost humility and love for Him led to surrender of pride and rebellion at the feet of Jesus, hence her total and complete deliverance from the power of sin, from guilt and shame.

“if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land“{2 chronicles 7:14}. This scripture also go to prove that sin can affect our Lord from having the final say but it also proves that God is loving and merciful and hears when we cry out to Him in repentance and he forgives, blesses and restores. Alleluia.

So, now we know that the final say of our Father can be affected by sin(lack of righteousness) what next?  Take time in prayer to know which area of our lives have we not surrendered to God. Is it our thoughts, actions or emotions? our relationships? businesses? Where is it that God has no final say. When you find that spot through the guidance of the Spirit; turn away from your old ways, repent and pray for love(relationship with God) to be restored back and ask for the grace to not go back to that life again. Start living a new life under His full authority and power and within no time you will discover God has gained the final say. And like Job, Daniel and other great men and women in the bible – He will continually have the final say. For he is faithful unto his faithful. Deuteronomy 7:9 -Know therefore that the LORD your God is God, the faithful God  who keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love him and keep his commandments, to a thousand generations.

Christ thy kingdom come.

God Bless you.


Can you remember those really low moments in life? Moments when you cried your heart out? Moments when you were broken, confused sometimes feeling torn apart?! Those moments when you felt that the devil will devour you to pieces if Christ doesn’t come through?! Those difficult lonely moments where no one seems to understand you? Yeah those moments! During those moments, God was there and He understands – Isaiah 57:15 .15 For this is what the high and exalted One says—he who lives forever, whose name is holy:
“I live in a high and holy place, but also with the one who is contrite and lowly in spirit, to revive the spirit of the lowly
and to revive the heart of the contrite.”

While in a dark spot I have learnt:- Don’t walk your path alone, walk it with God. Don’t walk in your valley alone, walk it with God. Don’t think He can’t handle it, He can handle anything – He is God. Don’t think you are too dirty(sinful)for Him to {hold your hand} and walk you through this! HE operates under the law of LOVE. He is loves DEEPLY, very MERCIFUL {Luke 15:11-32}and forgets our mistakes as long as we surrender to him in repentance. Psalms 86:5 – You, Lord are forgiving and good, abounding in love to all who call to you. Isaiah 43:25-  “I, even I, am he who blots out your transgressions, for my own sake, and remembers your sins no more. Hebrews 8:12 – For I will forgive their wickedness and remember their sins no more. Psalms 103:12 –  and as far as east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us. Amina🙏🙏 😁😁

God never meant that we could live life on our own. He meant that we could live it with Him, and that’s why He died  on the cross to buy back our lives from the devil to HIMSELF.

Question: What is your valley? Do you walk it with Christ(our source of strength and hope) or you walk it alone? If we walk alone; chances are the difficulties and darkness of the valley may finish us for on our own we don’t have the capacity to defeat evils of life, but with Jesus we will sour on eagles wings. We will make it out alive and strong..amen🙏 Again I ask what is your valley? Do you walk or alone? If so who lights the path where you walk on?{Psalms 119:105}. Who gives you strength when you become weak and tired? Who is your friend and confidant when lack one? I would rather we rethink doing life on our own. When challenges and difficulties arise -get into a habit of prayer{COMMUNICATE AND GROW CLOSE} to the FATHER and He will walk you out of any valley successfully!!ALLELUIA 🙌🙌👏👏

Do you know that, there is strength in the VALLEY?  We all go through some form of valley; regardless of age, gender, tribe, race or education status. In the book of Ecclesiastes chapter 3; it states very well that we are bound to experience some pain or hurt in our lives. However, there is strength to move on and that strength is Jesus Christ. I am motivated to tell people about Jesus as our strength in all situations because I know that when we lack strength in the valley, we end up getting lost and devoured by it. Many valleys have potentials, dreams and goals of people who died in mind and emotion. We are not meant to die in the valley rather, we are to emerge victorious{Psalms 23:4}. For Jesus Christ our shepherd has promised to walk us through the valley if we heed to His call and allow his rod and staff to direct us through.

There is a danger of losing this strength in the valley by listening to negative people who make us negative in thought, also by giving too much attention to the negative situation around or within us. Thinking about the negative all the time will only dim your chances of seeing a brighter future – a better tomorrow.

Even as a I write this piece, I feel I am in a valley. I find myself always crying because of past mistakes and torture from the devil. I have been affected mentally, emotionally even physically. I can say that currently I am in a crazy situation – painful actually. But God is faithful and he is my strength. The sins that got me to the valley- He forgave but the devil is still fighting for me to die in the valley! In all this God is giving me strength; every second and minute so that I don’t die. And for that I am entirely grateful.😁😁😁

As I continue to write, I am reminded that a few years ago, some of us, were on the verge of job termination because of not meeting our employer’s targeted sales. It was a really difficult time and  the pressure was too much especially to those with families and school fees to take of. My biggest pressure was that I had rent and food. However, if you looked at me or talked to me; you wouldn’t tell I was in a valley because the strength of the Lord was in me. So what Jesus did for me, instead of succumbing to the pressure and getting devoured in the valley, He made me aware of a song by Ruth Wamuyu, a gospel artist in Kenya. Chorus to the song goes like “kanitha wa Jesu nitukene, tûshajamuke, tûhadetûo wega tûtigyenyenyeka.” Meaning, “we the church of God be happy, for we are planted well and we cannot be shaken.” We are planted well in Jesus Christ by God the Father and we shall not meet harm, shame or defeat for God is with us and He will get us out of any situation unto His glory. Alleluia 👏👏🙌🙌

Remembrance of the above testimony of how through that song, God gave me grace to continue until I overcame, has given me energy to continue living life even though confusing and painful right now – I WILL ENJOY THE RIDE and I will make it through Jesus Christ who leads me to greener pastures. Psalm 23

A psalm of David{NIV}

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.
    He makes me lie down in green pastures,
he leads me beside quiet waters,
    he refreshes my soul.
He guides me along the right paths
    for his name’s sake.
Even though I walk
    through the darkest valley,
I will fear no evil,
    for you are with me;
your rod and your staff,
    they comfort me.

During a teaching yesterday; the teacher said, “your valley is just but a destination to greatness. For when you have to go through really tough time then it means there is a better coming out of it!” Alleluia. There is definitely greener pasture on the other side of the valley that we cannot see for now, but Jesus can so, just hold on to Him, our sure strength and power and we will come out alive.

How do we realise this power:
• Revelations 12:11, it is written, they triumphed over him(devil) by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.  Remember your testimonies like I just did above or other testimonies of victories and see the God who brought you out of a previous valley to greener pastures better and stronger and you will defeat the devil of hopelessness in your heart and mind!

• Pray a lot. In difficult times, that is when we should really gear in prayer levels. If one prayer of our Father doesn’t help, then pray ten our Fathers if you have to! If it means to change your prayer pattern for results then do.  Pray until you find your peace. If you have the grace to fast- go ahead. Sometimes, fasting will go along way to getting us out of problems.

• Speak up📣. Don’t let stress weigh you down. If it’s in the office; speak to a colleague who seems mature and understanding; they may help you out. If it’s in matters of love, finances, spiritual, pray for God to give/direct you to people who will listen and offer good advise that will help you move on to the next minute, day or step in life. DON’T EVER WANT YOUR PROBLEMS TO PUSH YOU TO THE GRAVE. I have a friend who I share with, she prays and advises me the best she can. My mother is my other biggest friend and confidant, she listens, sees my tears, encourages me, prays for and over me and I am entirely grateful for her.🙏🙏

Read the word of God. There is strength in the word. A lot of strength and power actually. “For man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from God.”{Matthew 4:4}. When you discover the world can’t help you deal with your pain, don’t be shocked, it’s because it can’t handle your pain. Let’s pursue Christ for His love is the strength, power and shelter that we need out of  painful and trying situations.

•Live a holy life. Psalms 84:11 – no good thing does the Lord hold from a blameless(righteous) person. The Lord is ready to help us, but it important to know that God is holy. And it is expected of us to live holy lives. We may not fully experience the power of God in our lives if we entertain sin. E.g it will be difficult for us to experience the healing and grace of God if we hold on to bitterness and refuse to forgive, for we are breaking commandments of love, being disobedient and giving hatred(another god) power hence we cannot fully feel the love of God. So, we have to compromise rather do all we can directed by his grace to avoid sin and wickedness otherwise the devil can and will block blessings in our lives because we legally allow him to through sin.

There is strength in the valley and power in the Valley and he is Jesus Christ . Let’s not lose him, run away, get bitter or insult Him while in pain, rather more than ever we should move CLOSER TO HIM; and we will find Him. Ever willing and ready to help us out on any challenging and difficult situation. Alleluia.amina.

God is Good

God is good – Mark 10:18, And Jesus said to him, “why do you call me good? No one is good except God alone.

This is the first scripture I met talking about the goodness of God. I love it very much and hold to it with much faith and assurance. It’s truth spoken to us by the Son. The son, whom we know, knows more about the Father than anything in the heavens or on earth{John 14:6}
Apart from God’s goodness being documented in the Bible, we can also attest to his goodness through his works in our lives.  He is good because of the gift of LIFE. He is good because of the gift of FAMILY AND FRIENDS. He is good because of peace that surpasses human understanding. He is good because of the gift of His Son Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour and because of the Holy Spirit our friend and director. We thank and praise God all the time and we are happy when good things happen to us :- when we graduate, when we find the special one, when we have reconciled, when we have been healed emotionally, mentally and physically. We feel good and praise and worship him all the time. This is good and out of love and obedience it is also normal.

Question: What if God allows pain into your life; is he still good? What if you meet embarrassment, shame, biasness/discrimination; is he still good? Ecclessiastes chapter 3  states that God in his goodness allows a time for joy and pain. A time for life and death. These seasons don’t reduce God to an evil person, they don’t make him a bitter or vengeful person. In all seasons he still remains to be God! He still remains to be the good good Father that we know, a good friend and confidant. So, if God is good; when and how does he change to be bad or even a don’t care. He never does! It is our pain that makes us see him like a devil. Like a person who doesn’t care, a pretender or even a hypocrite. The devil uses every chance to take us away from the love and comfort of our Father, and he likes it when we do it ourselves(from our own will) because he knows the Father in heaven would never abuse, abandon or forsake us so he makes us leave the presence of our Father at our own will and at that point I say – pain got the best of us.

I like to praise God’s goodness and feel it in every situation. I like not to forget His goodness so that I don’t get bitter and angry with Him. I have come to learn it is wisdom to see God in all situations and to know that He is good. Good people are not evil they just do good because of the l💗ve inside of them.

When the Father allows pain to come my way I try not to hate on him but to really seek and find Him in my valley. This way I find strength to walk out of my {valley}difficult and trying moments in life. So, I always have in mind that whatever difficultly I meet it is not meant to finish me rather God allowed it for my own benefit. He knows how to make everything(even the difficult and painful ones) work out for the good of the good of people. Ecc 3:11 – He has made everything beautiful in it’s time. alleluia!!

Pain should never be a way to drive us further from the LOVE OF THE FATHER rather it should be something that draws us even closer to Him. I am a believer that every situation we meet as humans should be used as a stepping stone towards our Father. In pain we really get to experience God and I feel He allows us to experience things that will drives us out of our comfort zones to his zone. It may be hurting and difficult but, it will get us to His heart, and that is awesome. 🙌🙌🙌. His heart is an awes😁me place to be in.

I pray may we always find Jesus in our every moment of life. May we not lose this love rather, may we always find it in every situation of our lives acting as a pillar, fortress, confidant and Father. Amen.

Don’t Give Up 1

11 Then the Lord’s angel came to the village of Ophrah and sat under the oak tree that belonged to Joash, a man of the clan of Abiezer. His son Gideon was threshing some wheat secretly in a wine press, so that the Midianites would not see him. 12 The Lord’s angel appeared to him there and said, “The Lord is with you, brave and mighty man!”

13 Gideon said to him, “If I may ask, sir, why has all this happened to us if the Lord is with us? What happened to all the wonderful things that our fathers told us the Lord used to do—how he brought them out of Egypt? The Lord has abandoned us and left us to the mercy of the Midianites.”

14 Then the Lord ordered him, “Go with all your great strength and rescue Israel from the Midianites. I myself am sending you.”

15 Gideon replied, “But Lord, how can I rescue Israel? My clan is the weakest in the tribe of Manasseh, and I am the least important member of my family.”

16 The Lord answered, “You can do it because I will help you. You will crush the Midianites as easily as if they were only one man.” Judges Chapter 6:11-16.

The above describes the calling of Gideon to be the man who would save the Israelites from the Midianites.
However the scriptures describe his calling, they also show a man who had given up in life until God helped him back to the path of his destiny.

Verse 1 it is written that the Israelites had sinned against God so He allowed a tribe stronger than them to terrorise  and oppress then for a period of 7years. In verse 2-4 it is written that anytime the Israelites were about to harvest and celebrate their hard work; the Midianiates and the desert tribes would come as many as locusts, camp around them and eat all their crop and livestock. This led to fear among the Israelites. This oppression led to this – -verse 11 that “Gideon was found hiding.” That is what oppression will do to us – it will make us hide because we feel defeated under it. Further of what I learnt from the scriptures:-
1). It is possible to give up on life based on circumstances we face. The Israelites faced oppression and defeat for 7years. Can you believe trying to be someone, or strive to achieve something and it is always meeting defeat?! It could be lack of school fees, it could be sickness, it could be facing rejection, biasness, discrimination and you felt like giving up or have already given up like Gideon.  But there is freedom from destiny destroyers and from the death trap called giving up and it’s Jesus!

You see until the angel of the Lord came to Gideon would still have lived in a trap called backwardness, giving up and   stagnation. Until the angel of the Lord told Him the truth about who he was that is when he got freed!

So I have learnt it is important to have Yahweh in your life, lead and control your life for he will give you answers that will lead us to freedom..

Get to know the truth about your life through Jesus Christ it is written that God is the way the truth and the life John 8:32. And the truth shall set us free🙌🙌. I feel many of us give up because we live a lie. We have believed a lie for sometime and it became ‘our truth.’

Gideon lived a lie thinking that he could never live out his potential and ambitions. I bet he tried but always met  defeat, disappointments, disaster failure such that  when the Angel of the Lord called him mighty man it was hard for him to believe for he had already given up on himself. But the truth came to set him free. 😁😁🙌🙌👏👏.  So I have learnt it is important to get acquainted with the word of God.  For the word of God is life – life that has come to save and set us free. So before you give up I would like you to first get to:

  1. know what God says about you.
  2. Get to know what He can do for you.
  3. Get to know what He can through you. Know that you are purposeful. Know that there is a grace to live life. Know that God has your name on the palm of His hands{Isaiah 49:16}.So your life, dreams are in His hands😀🙌🙌. He will not let go of you so, don’t let go of Him and you will make it in life.  It will not be easy but it will be made possible through Him.  Alleluia. Amina.

Don’t Give Up 2

The above are common words which we often come across either in motivational books or speeches. We all  never want to give up in life; on our dreams and ambitions, but the truth is, however much we don’t like the idea of giving up we somehow find ourselves thinking about it and eventually giving up and for some people in the worst possible way – suicide.

To give up to me is like beast waiting to swallow us up if we give in to it. It lingers around waiting for it’s prey to lose strength and energy and eventually devour it. We all live on this planet and we all face challenges, the intensity may be vary but we all face challenges from the prince to the pauper. So, what can we do that our challenges don’t swallow us up; that they don’t overtake us and become superior than us. The answer is in foundation. What are you founded on?

Matthew 7:24-27 states that the wise man who built a house on good foundation, maintained his house(dreams,ambitions, friendships, faith) even after a storm hit the house because it was built on a strong foundation, but the foolish man’s house collapsed under a storm because of weak foundation. As sure as those words are so, are we sure that if and when we are founded on weak foundation we will fall when challenges come our way. I began by saying many people don’t like to give up, who actually wants to give up on life or on themselves?! No one really. So I have learnt that it is our foundations that help us not collapse when the storms come. Your foundation will speak to your thoughts, your torn emotions, your hopeless and it will either revive you back to life or pull you down into a grave.

How does a wrong foundation start? when we deal with challenges the wrong way. We all deal with challenges differently either positively or negatively and so I am speaking to those who deal with it in the wrong way. For example if you struggle with disappointments and frustrations in life because of poverty, rejection, sickness, betrayal. It’s really not the time to go to alcohol, sex, food, drugs, to take care of yourself rather it is the time to turn to God for help.

You see human beings are spiritual beings and the only way to take care of a spiritual being is through the Spirit(God). He is the only one who can take care of us to full restoration. He understands our innermost being, He formed us in our mothers womb; our feelings, emotions and thoughts arouse because and through Him. So when we take care of our selves we only hurt ourselves. Why? because we don’t have the know how to take of ourselves until we invite God’s presence into our lives especially in some matters like these.  Generally, we rely on our intelligence which may show us to eat all the junk we know to feel good for the pain to end, drink all the alcohol you can to forget the pain of frustration. Use sex, masturbation and porn to feel good, forget your pain and get high enough to move on. But in all honesty we all know these “foundations of inner peace” will one day collapse and will collapse with us. We all know these addictions cannot take care of us because once their effect is done in our bodies we go back to who we were; hopeless and torn apart.  I am not speaking about things I don’t know. I have been addicted to one or more things until I received healing from Christ and I knew that only Yahweh can take of us.

We suffer because we don’t know where to turn for help. For years we have treated ourselves and we have suffered even the more: alcohol has led to poverty and disease, food has led to obesity, dependancy on sex has led to a strain in relationships. So now it’s time to try something new, different and powerful that will not harm or hurt us; something that is not out to abuse or use us, rather to better us. It’s called LOVE. It’s called the LOVE OF YAHWEH. To surrender to Him is a matter of turning to Him fully without reservations. Invite Him into your life, become a believer. Pray and read the scriptures daily to gain strength. His words give life to our bones and flesh, thinking and emotions.  Let HIS LOVE bath, clothe and give us a reason to breath and move on.

I now don’t run to my addictions of junk food, porn, negative music as pain relivers, no, I became wiser through Christ and now I run to HIM, to the scriptures, to his powerful blood and over time I realised I was building a foundation in Christ Jesus. A sure foundation that even when the wind blows I still stand firm unto His glory for He is my hope, my life and my love. Alleluia. Amen