Words Part II

“Our tongues are like matches, our ears are like trees, our words are like sparks on dry summer leaves, it doesn’t take much for the flames to rise and turn a soul into a forest fire.” These are words from the song, ‘Forest Fire’ by Josh Wilson. The song highlights the power of words and how words can affect a person.

Words are powerful whether written or spoken. They have the power to bind someone to negative power or set them free. They have power to alter one’s thoughts from positive to negative from weak to strong. Words can invite blessings or curses into our lives. They can invite goodness or evil into our lives hence it’s important to watch what we allow to dwell in our hearts. We also need to watch how we speak for words have power to open doors of goodness, blessings or evil into people’s lives

We have a responsibility to speak well, with courtesy and wisdom. But what if we are on the receiving end? What if we have met, been around or even lived with those whose words have become doors that allow negative power into our lives?

The thing is we have responsibility to be a brother’s keeper, but not everyone does that. We will or have met people who are insensitive, who lack wisdom, lack control and love in their speech and so their words will hurt, belittle, embarrass and make people feel awkward.

What happens when we meet such people or have heard words that wound us or even changed our thinking from strong to weak, from positive to negative? Answer, refuse to be controlled. Refused to allow those words to have an impact on you. Refuse to be partisan to those words. To be partisan is to be part and parcel of something.

In Kenya we have political parties like Narc Kenya, Jubilee, ODM etecetra. If you choose to be a politician via Jubilee then it means you accept to be party to it’s terms and conditions. If the party colour is red, then you have to wear red whether you like it or you don’t. If they contribute a certain amount for registration or renewal of it, then you also have to contribute. The little or big things you accept to do make you party to them.

Same with words. If someone; a loved one or a foe speaks words that are full of negativity and we agree to those words, then we will become party to those words hence controlled them.

How do we agree to negative words? By believing that those words speak facts about us and our lives while in actual sense they could just be but opinions!

I have come across a lot of negative words since childhood. I used to get teased alot and I would get words like:- “You have big ears like an elephant, you have big feet like a boy and girls are not meant to have big feet, you are too skinny.” and a lot more This happened most of my primary school and being in the same school for 14 years meant same bullies, same insensitive words. This made me sensitive about my appearance because I only heard the negative and not positive words about my physique, abilities or talents. This made me inferior and I thought all other girls were beautiful apart from me. I wore baggy clothes so that I could hide my ‘skinny’ self. And because I didn’t find myself beautiful, I also thought my abilities or talents were not worth much either. I always hid myself and when around boys, often I would be silent and allow my girl friends whom I saw as beautiful to speak around boys because I didn’t think I was ‘pretty enough’ to be noticed by boys.

As I grow older, I still meet people who are insensitive and lack wisdom in their speech. This goes to show lack of manners and sensitivity in speech is everywhere and with people of all ages. And so what do we do?

Refuse to be partisan to careless words directed to us that are full of bitterness, arrogance, pride, ignorance. We don’t have to accept them. They don’t have to find a home in our hearts.

In the Bible it is written: that a farmer had seeds of which some fell on the street, in the thorny bushes, others on the rocks while others on fertile ground. Those that fell on thorny bushes, choked hence couldn’t produce any plant while those that fell on fertile ground grew and produced forth plant and fruit. And so I choose to be a thorny bush to negative and careless words directed at me. Those words are like seeds which I hope choke with time hence their effect will not have an impact on my mental and emotional health. I, however, choose to become fertile to positive, kind words full of wisdom and power and hence they find a place to grow consequently having an impact on my mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Another way to deal with negative words is to counter them with powerful words from the Bible or another source which has positive energy. For me my power words come from the Bible. Example of a scripture that helps me overcome and be free from the grip of careless, insensitive words that opened a door to inferiority was the word of God in Genesis 1:31 – “He(God) looked at all He had created and it was pleasing.” This scripture is my freedom from lies for I have met truth in them that says I am pleasing๐ŸŒบ ๐Ÿต๏ธ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒน. I had met boys who said I was pretty but my mind was too manipulated with all the negative words I had grown hearing about my physical appearance that I didn’t believe anyone who said I am beautiful. Genesis 1:31 and Psalms 139:13-14 broke the power of lies and set me free to love and appreciate myself.๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿค— So, every time I feel my self esteem is attacked, I read and meditate on those words hence allowing the positive vibe and the power of the Spirit behind those words have an impact on me.๐Ÿ˜Š

Refuse to be party to negative words further, make an effort or a conscious decision to be around positive people who will build us and open doors of goodness and blessings through their words.

Proverbs 26:2- A curse you don’t deserve is like a bird flying without anywhere to land. So, in prayer declare that words full of negative power and curses are like birds flying without anywhere to land. May they not land in our lives and may the negative power that is wanting to operate through those words not do so in Jesus name!

Words are powerful and when carefully selected, they become doors that allow healing, breakthrough and blessings to flow to us or allow pain, hurt and manipulation to met us. We can either decide to bless, curse and harm people with our words further we have the freedom to choose which words to keep in our hearts and which ones to throw out into the gabbage bin, as gabbage they are! and move on. God bless you.

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