So will I

“If you left the grave behind you so will I. ” words from a song titled, ‘So will I’ by Brooke Lingertwood of Hill Song worship group and they give me a lot hope and encouragement.

There are two things that stand out from that statement:-

1). I am encouraged to know that, just as Jesus was triumphant over death so will I be triumphant over hardships and troubles of this world for He whom I look up to is victorious! John 16:33 states that in the world we will have many troubles but we should not be troubled instead have peace for He overcame and is victorious and so through Him we are victorious!

2). We have to want be free; if we are going to be free. We have to desire to leave the grave for the Lord works powerfully through a will that is willing to be free.

Take for example someone who wants to forget the shame of always being number last in class; that person will obviously have heard countless times that anyone can be successful and can be the top of the class if they desire to. The trick is though, he/she has got to want success; to get it! The heart and mind have got to want freedom from shame, ridicule, stagnation and backwardness so as to be free! Nothing comes handed down on a silver platter especially not something called victory hence success.

In my life, I have seen God get me out of the grave(s).

One of the graves was an addiction to pornography. I, unfortunately, watched pornography at the age of 11 years. My best friend’s father came with a porn tape in the house and hid it behind one of the sofa’s. His children became curious to know what was hidden and so the next day they waited for him to leave the house and when we visited them we found porn being watched. We didn’t watch it for long because it was disgusting to our hearts at the time but the harm was already done for I stayed with those images in my head/heart. As I grew older, while in high school and part of my university years I would crave for porn images because the more I watched and thought about them, the more I liked how they made me feel good. I thank God very much that I never masturbated nor tried out what I watched with men. However, my mind was reduced to the slavery of thinking about and wanting more pornographic material. To date; I consider it a miracle that I passed my K.C.P.E (final exams in primary school) for porn images would mess up my concentration. Fast forward and I met Jesus and His saving grace through the Vincentian Ministries here in Kenya. Jesus saved me from addiction to porn and now my mind is free – 7 years now! I am free to do awesome, powerful things like to write articles which inspire others in many other ways and moreso to know Christ.

Another grave was unforgiveness. For the longest time in my life I had issues with forgiving. I could hold a grudge and not let go. I used to admire my brother for it was easy for him to forgive. To date he doesn’t hold grudges. To me that is a beautiful, happy and peaceful life for I know how crazy and tiresome it is to hold grudges. I struggled with forgiving myself, my parents, friends and pretty much anyone who hurt my feelings. I remember it was hardest to forgive my mum. I used to find her unfair for she used to beat me up especially when it my brother’s fault, she would blame me for things I didn’t do. Like one time, I remember, she blamed for stealing her shoes and selling them and it the house help who did it! besides around that time I was too young to hack such! Sometimes, I felt she didn’t like it when my dad favoured me over my brothers which to be honest is not anything a child has control over!

I grew up with feelings of rejection na kuonewa hence bitterness and with time, anger towards my mum started to build up for I felt that all of it was unfair. I wanted to challenge her and speak my mind, but I also feared her very much so I didn’t. Over time, the bitterness grew and I discovered it denied me a lot of peace and denied our relationship strength and growth. It was like there was a rift between us, no depth in our love and a lack of easiness in loving especially on my end. I always felt like I had to win my mum’s affection. I didn’t like it and I hated those bitter and angry feelings and so I prayed a lot for deliverance hence freedom. I harbored those feelings for quite some time meaning the bitterness and anger were deeply rooted but, I declared now that the Lord is powerful and faithful for I was set free!! I prayed and moreso through the Novena of the Precious Blood; not for 9 days, but for 2 months until this bitterness left me. It wasn’t easy and I felt like giving up but the desire to be free was too strong and God saw the persistence and faith for I did eventually receive my freedom. The pain is gone, the bitterness is gone and I was able to open up to my mum – she listened, she understood me and she even apologized!!!! The relationship that the devil was trying to destroy was restored back to former glory – it’s even better😍. It grows stronger because we can now talk with my mum for hours on phone something we never used to do. I usually can’t wait to go and visit her and just be with her and talk for more hours😊.

The above are examples of how Jesus got me out of graves that devil had dug and put me in. The reason I say the devil dug, is because the devil can and does create situations that allow us to enter a grave without our knowledge. He can create situations in families, between friends, in church even in non -spiritual groups where enmity, strife, hate, bitterness will grow and then he pushes us to the grave.

Psalms 121:1-2 I will look to the mountain and where will my help come from? My help will come from the Lord who made the heaven and the earth.

Jesus Christ is our sure help in all situations:- the bad, crazy, worse…. He is the way out. He is the way out of a painful, shameful, backward, traumatic past to a new life like Zacchaeus, the sinful woman, the adulterous woman. He is the way to achieving our heart’s desire!

Do you want to leave a grave(s) maybe one called addiction, bitterness, unforgiveness, rejection, poverty, sickness, pride, witchcraft, demonic oppression and possession? Answer, you can.


I) You have to want out.

II) Pray and ask Jesus to set you free.

For he came for the lost, he came to love the rejected, the abandoned and abused. He came to give hope where there is little or none. He came to set the captives free. Luke 4:18. Believe this and you are on your way to freedom, and a permanent one sealed with His powerful blood. Alleluia.

God has the power to raise us out of any grave whether it’s a 6ft or 100ft deep. Irregardless of how long we have stayed there; he is able. There’s nothing new of difficult for God as is written in Ecclesiastes 1:9, that there is nothing new under the sun. It’s just a matter of being humble, cry out for help and believe and trust that He will do it and sure enough He will.

I am not saying that it will be easy, I am, however, saying that persistence and focus pays off and Jesus is mighty to save. Alleluia! And when you feel like giving up; remember that you are not alone, many – very many people experience difficulties that you would not want to experience so, cheer up and push forward until you receive victory. Also know that the chance to see another day means – try again and long as you’ve got breath, you’ve got another chance to choose and fight for freedom and with God on out side, we are sure to be victorious!

God loves you and God bless you.

Psalms 27:13-14 I know that I will live to see the LORD’s goodness in this present life. Trust in the LORD. Have faith, do not despair. Trust in the LORD.


Since the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of God suffers violence, and violent men take it by force. Matthew 11:12(NKJV) –  a scripture that I have been meditating on recently and has been such a blessing.  I hope it blesses you too.  Let me say what led me to the scripture was in response to praying for a friend, and it became clear that the lack of victory in some areas of his life were because of lack violence in his life.

Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart -Psalms 37:4  further it’s written in  Matthew 6:33 – But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Which is true but it’s also true that nothing comes on a silver platter – meaning nothing especially those that are of value come easy. We need to work hard to achieve them.

Key  things to note:-

*Violence is allowed

*Brace yourself

*Be prepared to win

Priscilla Shirer once preached and said, “God allows the violence.” And I concur. I believe He allows this violence or this attitude of fighting for blessings so that we can know the value of blessings and not take them for granted instead we should fight for them so that they are not attacked or stolen from us by the devil.

Who or what suffers  violence? According to the scriptures, it’s the kingdom of God does and everything in it.

Who is in the kingdom of God? You and I who are God’s children through His son Jesus Christ{Galatians 3:26}.

Now, if we are in the kingdom of God and we do that which pertains the kingdom which is spreading it’s power around us, then we will meet violence. The peace, joys, breakthrough, love, unity, togetherness we want and desire, always suffer violence so that they are not able to stand or hold together and do the works they are purposed to do. We also suffer violence so that we can fail in doing the works of the Father. So that we can have miserable lives, give up, quit even want to die without achieving our purposes{living out life in full as we ought to}.

People who suffered violence in the Bible:

  1. Mary and Joseph – when Herod realized that he had been outwitted by the Magi, he was furious, and he gave orders to kill all the boys in Bethlehem and its vicinity who were two years old and under – Matthew 2:16. The devil introduced violence to the family of Jesus through Herod but luckily they fled to Egypt and stayed there until the King died.
  2. David the King suffered violence through Saul. 1 Samuel chapter 18,19,20 speaks of David’s success in battles and  victories and how and Saul became jealous and wanted to kill David.
  3.  Joseph suffered violence through his brothers who because of jealousy wanted to kill him but instead sold him as a slave to merchants.  Genesis 37:18-28
  4. Uriah – Bathsheba’s husband was murdered in battle however it was a planned murder because David wanted his blessing(Bathsheba) and so the devil used David to bring violence into his life which actually finished him.

Violence is real and is expected but we are assured of victory. However, victory does not come by accident.

Grace Mwai a gospel artiste in Kenya sings in her song titled Kirathimo,”I want a blessing from you Lord that will change my life.”

Blessings do change people’s lives.

How so, a few examples 👇👇👇👇

  • Employment – eliminates poverty and allows the economy of a country to grow.
  • Marriage – Status change from single to getting a partner. God said man is the head and woman is a helper and doesn’t the scripture also say that, He who finds a wife, finds a good thing{Proverbs 18:22}. Someone who we can confide in, share ideas and grow and even have children with!
  • Education is another blessing for it eliminates illiteracy in people and in a country. Helps us to blend in with others, opens doors for us through careers which also translates to financial independence!
  • Friendships – that no man in an island is true because alone we cannot handle the challenges of life for they can easily weigh us down. Even in the joys of life we need people to share them with. Friends from God are a blessing. Some act as connectors to propel us to next level in life – jobs, spouses, mentor ship. Moral support through counsel and prayers.  I have a friend whom I value because she helped me grow in ministry. She somehow understood my challenges in ministry, she did not judge me but, took me in, mentored me, prayed for me, challenged me to growth in ministry. I remember she used to say, “Grace you have potential.” And now through constant mentor ship and love I am not scared to stand and minister the love of God through praise. I thank God for bringing someone along to way to help me through.

Blessings change our lives like Grace Mwai says in her song, ‘Kirathimo.’ and because they do, they therefore meet violence. She, further says that, we need to fight for our blessings and hold on to them because of the mere fact that they will change our lives for the better. And who doesn’t want that? Who doesn’t want life to change for the better?

What blessings do you have? Can you count them? Are you grateful for them? Are there blessings you wish they can your way in future? And what are you doing about it? What are you doing to achieve your blessings? Are you positioned for them?

Blessings; peace, joy, success, stability are fought ruthlessly and our ignorance does not calm the storms.

 Matthew 11:12  reminds us to be alert and prepared because we are coming of harvest and if we are not ready then we risk losing it all in the battle.

Be prepared for your blessing.

If a blessing comes to change our lives then it means we need to be prepared for it so that it is not attacked and worse yet to the point of death.

Jesus taught us to be prepared. He fasted for 40 days and nights in preparation for the battle ahead that may arise against our blessings. His mission and goal was to win our souls back from the devil to the Father. Now, that was not going to be easy and if you noticed form scripture reading, Jesus faces a lot of challenges to the point of death. Jesus knew that to achieve his goals would not be easy and so He came prepared. I believe the fast graced him for the ministry(mission)ahead. It allowed the Spirit in Him to be strong and the flesh to be weak. This is what fasting does to us humans, it allows the Spirit of God to be strong in us while the power of the flesh becomes weak.  Jesus was able to attain victory over His blessings and one way is that He came prepared. In the bible it is written that He would often go to lonely places to pray and I think it was for the mission ahead.

Esther came prepared to be queen. She didn’t go to a losing battle, she actually prepared to win. She was prepared to be presented before the King. She didn’t just appear and magically expect her beauty to help her she, among other ladies had to prepare for 3 months before meeting the King. Her level of preparedness plus favour from God is what helped her stand out from the rest and become queen {Esther 2:5-18}.

The devil will violently attack us whether we are ignorant or knowledgeable, naive or experienced. He will do it to to prevent the kingdom of God from moving forth. You see when we are successful in achieving our hearts desires which are according to God’s will then the kingdom of God spreads of which the devil doesn’t like. He doesn’t like us to be happy, he doesn’t like us to be at peace and he doesn’t like our success at all.

I consider us blessed to know this scripture – Matthew 11:12. It also gives me strength to know that I am not the only one under the sun who meets hardships, all who are in the kingdom of God do, and if God allows a violence then he has provision for it. We are graced for this life. We are graced to do his will. We are graced to live out our purposes unto his glory. We are graced to be victorious. Alleluia!

In conclusion

1). Be prepared and be alert. I think it’s the worse thing to go about life and we seem not prepared for blessings/ opportunities. It’s sad. It does happen, it has happened to me and it’s painful. Let’s be alert and prepared.

2). Be focused – Lack of focus in life is enough for devil to attack a blessing. The devil thrives in confusion. If we are focused and determined to be successful in a particular area then chances are we will get it – what the mind conceives it achieves👍

3). Be self aware – Awareness of our lives, our ambitions and goals and what it takes to get out heart’s desire goes a long way in understanding the level of preparedness or violence we need to put up. Take for  example:- Two people who want to scale the ladder of education. Both want to achieve a doctorate in their field of choice(heart’s desire). One person named Lucy comes from a family where the highest level is form four. Another named Carol and in their family the least level of education is a grandaunt. Now, Lucy’s battle will be harder than Carol’s.  Lucy will have to deal with lack of motivation and mentors from within the family because they might not see the essence of climbing up the ladder of academics.  In some families they suffer addictions to alcohol and drugs. Someone from such a family will meet a tough battle in trying to get out of such an addiction. The violence towards freedom from addictions will be tough because you will be alone in this fight so you risk emotional hurt, being abandoned in the fight towards freedom because the innermost circle(family) is not helping instead it’s like you are being pulled down – case in point Joseph attacked by his brothers.

We can be violently attacked and not know it and hence do nothing about it. I remember sometime back, the Spirit of God would nudge me to pray for marriage but I would be hesitant and be like, “Jesus, I am not ready for marriage but if you want me to get married fine.” And that and would be the end of that but on other matters I would pray aggressively pray until I got a breakthrough. With time though, I, came to learn that my hesitation in this area of marriage was because I feared marriages. I thank God for my parents and I love them to bits but to be honest my dad’s weakness made me fear marriages. The thought of me and a man(husband)in the same house was very scary. My fear was that the man might want to harm and deny me the freedom to be myself and so for me the idea of marriage was not so appetizing. I thank the Lord that many years down the line, He has healed me and I am slowly but surely coming out of a manipulation that men are bad/beasts. They are good and human just like me but the understanding of this faces a lot of attacks but I know I will see the end of this. I have come from far and I don’t believe God has brought me this far to live me!!!

It’s possible that you could be experiencing traumas in your life, maybe a past that is painful and it makes you shudder at the thought of pushing past it and realizing a dream. Whatever it is, may the Spirit of God shed more light on the matter and direct your path towards victory. Amen!

Awareness of your life, your goals and aspirations and what is required to get them can also enable one to know what kind of battle is ahead. But not matter what the ‘goliaths’ we face, we give God the glory because He already won the battle on the cross and now through Him; we are victorious.

Victory is ours through Jesus Christ.

Joshua was told be strong and courageous{Joshua 1:7,9}. And that every where you step I shall give to you{Joshua 1:3}. Joshua was skilled, true. But, he became victorious because God made him so. Sarah had all it took to be someone’s wife, but it took the hand of God for her to be married to Tobias{Tobit chapter 7&8}. Hannah had all she needed to be a mother for she was of good health and had a husband, but it took the hand of God to bear children. We could have all it takes to be successful but it takes hand of God to make us victorious!

So let’s be humble and walk with God, let’s invite him in all our plans for His wisdom, direction, and even when it gets tough we are assured of victory{John 16:33}.

“I have told you these things, that you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33