Thief Part II

Growth is good. If you want to know it’s good – look at a baby grow. They come from sitting, to crawling, to standing, to jumping, to running. They move from baby thoughts to maturity, from the parents handling everything to the child handling everything for themselves.

Children grow mentally, academically, physically and spiritually and it’s a good thing. It’s beautiful and it’s worth giving God the glory.

Everyone wants to see a child grow to become better and if they don’t grow especially towards a positive direction of which is beneficial for them, then we ask ourselves questions. Why?

Another important question to ask is: Does it disturb me when I don’t grow? Does it disturb me when my dream or vision doesn’t mature or materialise? Is it still a baby, has it never moved past sitting or crawling stage? Has it never matured? Did it cross to next level?

Could fear be one of the reasons why I am stagnant? Not growing or not moving?

If fear is the reason then it’s fear of what? Is it fear of the unknown, failure, rejection, hardship, shame, ridicule, the devil🤔. The reasons can be endless and unique depending on the individual.

When we are about to grow/move to the next level/get promoted/move out of the comfort zone chances are we shall meet fear but we have to make a decision to always challenge it and move past or rise above it. This is where courage comes in.

I have noticed how lack of courage has affected my growth curve and also how it has affected other people’s growth curve too. I have also learnt that until we apply courage( stepping out in faith) will we then realise the power and blessing that comes with growth.

Joshua 1:5-9 –  I love these scriptures because they reminds us that application of faith and courage = victory(success) hence growth😀😀. The scriptures also remind us that God is a friend – a powerful friend and confidant who we can trust to always be there, to walk us through our journeys and with Him we are bound to be victorious!!

Growth – positive growth is awesome and something to always be celebrated . However, it has enemies among them is laziness but even the most hard working and smart people will tell you that we need to be courageous, bold and of strong faith to achieve success(growth).

I have since come to learn that courage is not the absence of fear, rather it’s faith in action.

All the best to all of us in this area of stepping out in faith towards our dreams, goals and aspirations.

God bless you.

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