Dream Again

Jane Muthoni, a kenyan gospel artist has a song titled, Kiroto(dream). In the chorus she says, “even if my dream has not come to pass, the Lord, God of Joseph is alive and I will dream again!”

Let’s look at the life of Joseph. Genesis chapter 37 – Joseph had a dream that his sheaf of wheat got up and stood straight and that his brothers’ sheaves of wheat formed a circled around his and bowed down to it. It is written that his brothers got angry, jealous and hated him even more – Genesis 42:8. He had another dream in which he saw the sun, the moon and eleven stars and the moon bow down before him. He told his father who scolded him and brushed him off. Fast forward to Genesis chapter 42:5-6, we see the dreams come to pass when Joseph is made governed over all of Egypt – second in command to Pharaoh{Genesis 41:40-44}.

Joseph had a dream, a powerful dream which was confusing to him at the time because of his young age. So, he decided to share with those he thought would be quick to help him understand and hopefully encourage him. However, he meet hostility and rejection and I can only imagine how it hurt  😢 Joseph to be meet with indifference from the people he expected to show him love, support or even champion him. It must have been painful and confusing, one can just feel like giving up – I know because I have been there.

I have been in a situation where the people I looked up to as mentors later on became hostile. To me, they became people I would rather run away from because their words and actions had become poison to my heart and mind. It was painful and confusing at the same time. It was so bad that I remember wanting to give up many things. I remember, I felt like running away to a place of refuge where there was no hate, no indifference and no biasness. I wanted a place of refuge and peace. God is good that I never gave up on my dream(leadership) at the time. I stayed on, in that fire of hate and rejection. I persevered and God was with me.😀

I survived unfair judgement and maliciousness and I managed to live out a dream – to the dismay of those who wanted me to give up and leave. When I look back at everything, I wonder what could have made people I loved so much, respected, admired and even aspired to be like them treat me with coldness, like an outsider, a foreigner ready to be destroyed!

Two things come to mind:-

  • Jealousy – this is a very bad thing. It can even kill if given power. Meaning if the person who is jealous allows, the feeling of jealousy to have power then it can kill friendships, destroy peace among people even family, breed hate and discord and eventually death and destruction(Abel and Cain).
  • The devil roams around ready to destroy people{1 Peter 5:8} and he knows that God will direct us on how to live out our destinies. God does this in many ways among them is through dreams. He will speak to us through dreams, visions, scriptures and he will even open up gifts and talents that will help us to live out our destinies but unfortunately. The devil is mad at us, hates us and is jealous of us because we are loved by the Father and he is not. We have a chance to eternal life to rejoice with the Father forever in His loving arms and he will not. Further, we are here on earth to do the will of God, spreading His love and care to all and the devil does not want the will of God to be done in any way form or manner so he will attack the dreamer so that dream does not come to pass.

In the story of Joseph, the devil got a chance through the brothers and wanted to kill the dreamer but God being faithful he protected the dreamer from death for the sake of the dream to come to pass!

We, just like Joseph, have dreams, goals and ambitions. Some dreams/goals which eventually become a hearts desire come to us very early(when we are still young, sometimes physically young or spiritually young either way the dream has come and desire has been formed in the heart. At this point being naive; the devil and jealous people will take advantage to destroy. That is why it is important to be careful who we speak to about our hearts desire for an evil person may want to kill it and the devil of course is always roaming around to bring death and destruction because he knows, if your heart’s desire comes to pass then it will go to give God glory and continue in the spread of the kingdom of God of which he does not like.

So what do we that our dreams/hearts desire don’t die?

  1. Know who you are – know your worth and understand your value. Understand that you are valuable and God did not put that heart’s desire in you to destroy you,  rather it is to bless you and glorify Himself.  So, love and embrace who you are so that the devil doesn’t steal your desire through rejection or self rejection. Example, if you have a dream of getting married, forget the heart breaks you have experienced, forget the negative that people say against you and pursue your heart’s desire. Pray and plan for a marriage and family life and our God of dreams and destinies will see you through in Jesus name.
  2. Live wise. Let the hurt and the pain we have endured because of jealous people teach us to be careful with whom we share our dreams with. Some people, even those we least expect it may want to destroy us so that the dream/heart’s desire does not come to pass.
  3. Invite God into your life. Let your life and all about it be rooted in Christ. He is the one who will make us stand when evil rises against us. When friends become jealous, He will shield us from their evil, hold on to our destinies, fight for us and make sure we live them out no matter what. We may be shaken but we will not fall and if we do fall we are sure to rise again even stronger in Jesus name and unto God’s glory. Alleluia!!!
  4. Be positive always. To dream again after you have been treated cruelly to the point of being crushed is not easy. So we pray to always be positive about us and our dreams. Know that nothing evil lasts forever, only God has the ability to last forever – meaning goodness will cancel out evil in our live and we will one day rise again. We will dream again, we will find new friends, and we shall find favour both in eyes of God and man.

So, I dare you to dream again, believe in your self again, believe you are a leader and given a chance to lead you shall do it well directed by God’s wisdom. It doesn’t matter if previously we have met opposition or indifference – it doesn’t matter. Dream again and if another chance comes; go for it. If it is marriage, prepare yourself for it. Pray and plan for it. God will meet you in your positivity and will bless you.

Dreamers, yes we are, and it is not abnormal. Continue to dream, continue to push, continue to hope and he who searches the hearts of men will help us overcome and achieve our hearts desire unto His glory. Alleluia. Amen

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