Psalms 118:24

“This is the day, this is the day
that Lord has made,
that the Lord has made,
I will rejoice, I will rejoice
and be glad in it, and be glad in it”

The above are a few lines to a common song that reminds us to rejoice and be glad in the day the Lord has given us. Let’s be honest though, there are days, if that song is sang close to you, you probably would not sing along because at that point you probably don’t feel like you have much to rejoice in. Those  moments when we feel like we want to hide from the world and be somewhere crying or be doing anything else that will help to release the anger from within.

Sometimes, things, events or situations  can make us feel defeated, worn out, about to break or just wanting to give up in life. In my past, I could probably count the number of  times when things seem to have worked out well. I remember most of my days as being full of fear and pretending to be someone I am not so as to please people. I remember days when I used to cry so much and I remember days of wanting to commit suicide – days of depression.

The truth is days different; some can be good and others can be crazy- so crazy to the point of  wishing the worst for ourselves. What do we do when such days happen? When we wake up and feel emotionally down like we want to give up in life? What happens when our days are marred by people who want to bring us down? What happens on those  days when we feel so demotivated?

A day has many elements: – there is the weather, there are the people we will meet, there are the situations and events that we meet which make up that day. No one can tell how their day will start or end. It can start well and end up bad. It can have a bad start and end up well or it could just be all good.
In my life, my days have been different just like every other person under the sun. As I stated earlier; I remember days of rejection, feeling defeated, tired mentally and emotionally. I remember suffering from withdrawal tendencies and I didn’t have friends – I had very few. My pains would cause me to feel defeated.  I would start a day in very low spirits, I could be quite irritable, bitter, angry and I would easily lash out at anyone even my parents and regret it later because I knew my words were harsh and disrespectful😢

I hated it. I hated that my emotions could be up one moment and down the next. I hated that one moment I could have strong positive thoughts and the next moment, I am dull and negative about myself and others. I wanted my life to change so bad and by the grace of God it did. Alleluia 🙌🙌

God has helped me in so many ways and among them is through Psalms 118:24, “this is the day, the Lord has made, I shall be glad and rejoice in it.”  Through this scripture, I learnt that we have the capacity to rejoice in our days, regardless of how they appear or turn out. Whether our days started out good or bad, we don’t have the final say as to how it will end. We, however, have  options: either we allow the devil or God to have the final say.

It’s often said, keep a positive attitude always of which is very important for it makes us see things differently and always keeps us going even when things get tough. I used to read a lot of inspirational books; I still do and they really helped to change my thoughts and emotions from low to high, from weak to strong. However, I noticed that I would usually follow the advice written on those books so as to stay positive but within no time I would end in the same moody and dull position of being fearful, negative, critical e.t.c until Psalms 118:24, I learnt it is important to always invite the power of Christ into our day to day. You see, being positive about life is not based on our energy rather we have to have the strength of the Father to achieve positivity.

Matthew 13: 1-23, it is written that some seed fell on rocky ground, on thorny bushes, others on the street and others fell on fertile ground. We can hear all the inspiration we need to help us be positive and regain back strength, but from experience I have learnt that without the backing of the Father they can easily be taken away by the devil who always roams through the earth to devour us{1 Peter5:8}. So what do we do for us to rejoice, enjoy life regardless of the storms?

Submit your plans to the Lord and He will establish you. Learn to submit your days to the Lord – everything of that day to the Lord. Invite Him into your thoughts and emotions. Let’s invite Him into our families and friendships and His grace help us to live out that day.

Give the grace of God a chance. For many people including myself, I have noticed that we don’t give the grace of God a chance to manifest in our lives. We are very used to handling matters on our own that we have not allowed God to be strong in our weakness hence not giving His grace a chance to manifest and prove itself. So what happens is that when we meet tests and trying times, it then becomes easy to  give up for we are not used to calling upon the grace of God to be our strength until we pass the tests. Grace means the strength of God at work in us. Our days/lives may be filled or rather we will meet difficult moments that we don’t know how to fix and that is when the grace of God is needed – that when we are weak He is strong and hence storms of life cannot pin us down because by his grace we stand strong alleluia!

Have Faith in God. When we pray to God about a desired need, we need to have faith that He has heard us and at His own time, He will answer us. When we have faith in God, we trust that all will work out well.
Have a good relationship with God. In the above scripture, David says, this is the day the Lord has made. He acknowledges, all authority over things seen or unseen, in the heavens and earth belong to the Lord and so His Lord who is bigger than him and his challenges will see him through anything of that day so the best he can and shall do is to put his trust in the Lord Almighty and rejoice. To have such deep and royal trust in someone to see you through anything it means you will have to know that person on a deeper level and you understand how he/she works and operates and that is how this man after God’s own heart knew. He invested in his relationship with God and hence could easily surrender his all to the Almighty and knowing that God does not forsake the faithful have peace and rejoice.

In conclusion, life is good and all the things that God has given us in life are good. However, life can be tough; people, events and circumstance can make us feel/want to give up in life. But don’t. We usually feel defeated because we do things on our own. We sometimes make the mistake of living life on our own, relying on our intelligence, strength, beauty or prowess to see us though in life and worse yet in difficult life situations. Well yes, on our own we can live life, but live it miserably. It is rather wise to always call upon God the author of our lives to help us to live it. He will give us grace, peace, wisdom the strength we need to live life – actually each day so that we don’t give up under the oppression of the kingdom of darkness, rather we live life and life it in full as He purposed when He died for it on the cross.

So today, tomorrow, the next day or any other time open Psalms 118:24, and declare to self that, “this is the day the Lord has made and I shall be glad and rejoice in it.” This is the family and friends that He has given me and I shall be glad and rejoice in them. This is this the job the Lord had allowed me to have on this day and so I shall rejoice and be glad in it. These are the gifting and talents that God has given me, I will be glad and rejoice in them. This is the body, the skin colour, the height, the weight the Lord has given me and I will be glad and rejoice in me! So help me lord even if rejection comes my way, help me to love me even more!

When we speak positivity and invite the Father into all that makes up our lives, I believe He is faithful to respond. He will give is the grace that we need to live life -.every day no matter what we face for in him we live, breath, move and have our being{Acts 17:28}. He is the strength to walk us through anything. And that is why we are to rejoice in the Lord always again I say rejoice!

I wish you all the best in this your new journey of inviting Yahweh every step of the way and I do hope you enjoy the ride.

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