God is Good

God is good – Mark 10:18, And Jesus said to him, “why do you call me good? No one is good except God alone.

This is the first scripture I met talking about the goodness of God. I love it very much and hold to it with much faith and assurance. It’s truth spoken to us by the Son. The son, whom we know, knows more about the Father than anything in the heavens or on earth{John 14:6}
Apart from God’s goodness being documented in the Bible, we can also attest to his goodness through his works in our lives.  He is good because of the gift of LIFE. He is good because of the gift of FAMILY AND FRIENDS. He is good because of peace that surpasses human understanding. He is good because of the gift of His Son Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour and because of the Holy Spirit our friend and director. We thank and praise God all the time and we are happy when good things happen to us :- when we graduate, when we find the special one, when we have reconciled, when we have been healed emotionally, mentally and physically. We feel good and praise and worship him all the time. This is good and out of love and obedience it is also normal.

Question: What if God allows pain into your life; is he still good? What if you meet embarrassment, shame, biasness/discrimination; is he still good? Ecclessiastes chapter 3  states that God in his goodness allows a time for joy and pain. A time for life and death. These seasons don’t reduce God to an evil person, they don’t make him a bitter or vengeful person. In all seasons he still remains to be God! He still remains to be the good good Father that we know, a good friend and confidant. So, if God is good; when and how does he change to be bad or even a don’t care. He never does! It is our pain that makes us see him like a devil. Like a person who doesn’t care, a pretender or even a hypocrite. The devil uses every chance to take us away from the love and comfort of our Father, and he likes it when we do it ourselves(from our own will) because he knows the Father in heaven would never abuse, abandon or forsake us so he makes us leave the presence of our Father at our own will and at that point I say – pain got the best of us.

I like to praise God’s goodness and feel it in every situation. I like not to forget His goodness so that I don’t get bitter and angry with Him. I have come to learn it is wisdom to see God in all situations and to know that He is good. Good people are not evil they just do good because of the l💗ve inside of them.

When the Father allows pain to come my way I try not to hate on him but to really seek and find Him in my valley. This way I find strength to walk out of my {valley}difficult and trying moments in life. So, I always have in mind that whatever difficultly I meet it is not meant to finish me rather God allowed it for my own benefit. He knows how to make everything(even the difficult and painful ones) work out for the good of the good of people. Ecc 3:11 – He has made everything beautiful in it’s time. alleluia!!

Pain should never be a way to drive us further from the LOVE OF THE FATHER rather it should be something that draws us even closer to Him. I am a believer that every situation we meet as humans should be used as a stepping stone towards our Father. In pain we really get to experience God and I feel He allows us to experience things that will drives us out of our comfort zones to his zone. It may be hurting and difficult but, it will get us to His heart, and that is awesome. 🙌🙌🙌. His heart is an awes😁me place to be in.

I pray may we always find Jesus in our every moment of life. May we not lose this love rather, may we always find it in every situation of our lives acting as a pillar, fortress, confidant and Father. Amen.

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