Don’t Give Up 2

The above are common words which we often come across either in motivational books or speeches. We all  never want to give up in life; on our dreams and ambitions, but the truth is, however much we don’t like the idea of giving up we somehow find ourselves thinking about it and eventually giving up and for some people in the worst possible way – suicide.

To give up to me is like beast waiting to swallow us up if we give in to it. It lingers around waiting for it’s prey to lose strength and energy and eventually devour it. We all live on this planet and we all face challenges, the intensity may be vary but we all face challenges from the prince to the pauper. So, what can we do that our challenges don’t swallow us up; that they don’t overtake us and become superior than us. The answer is in foundation. What are you founded on?

Matthew 7:24-27 states that the wise man who built a house on good foundation, maintained his house(dreams,ambitions, friendships, faith) even after a storm hit the house because it was built on a strong foundation, but the foolish man’s house collapsed under a storm because of weak foundation. As sure as those words are so, are we sure that if and when we are founded on weak foundation we will fall when challenges come our way. I began by saying many people don’t like to give up, who actually wants to give up on life or on themselves?! No one really. So I have learnt that it is our foundations that help us not collapse when the storms come. Your foundation will speak to your thoughts, your torn emotions, your hopeless and it will either revive you back to life or pull you down into a grave.

How does a wrong foundation start? when we deal with challenges the wrong way. We all deal with challenges differently either positively or negatively and so I am speaking to those who deal with it in the wrong way. For example if you struggle with disappointments and frustrations in life because of poverty, rejection, sickness, betrayal. It’s really not the time to go to alcohol, sex, food, drugs, to take care of yourself rather it is the time to turn to God for help.

You see human beings are spiritual beings and the only way to take care of a spiritual being is through the Spirit(God). He is the only one who can take care of us to full restoration. He understands our innermost being, He formed us in our mothers womb; our feelings, emotions and thoughts arouse because and through Him. So when we take care of our selves we only hurt ourselves. Why? because we don’t have the know how to take of ourselves until we invite God’s presence into our lives especially in some matters like these.  Generally, we rely on our intelligence which may show us to eat all the junk we know to feel good for the pain to end, drink all the alcohol you can to forget the pain of frustration. Use sex, masturbation and porn to feel good, forget your pain and get high enough to move on. But in all honesty we all know these “foundations of inner peace” will one day collapse and will collapse with us. We all know these addictions cannot take care of us because once their effect is done in our bodies we go back to who we were; hopeless and torn apart.  I am not speaking about things I don’t know. I have been addicted to one or more things until I received healing from Christ and I knew that only Yahweh can take of us.

We suffer because we don’t know where to turn for help. For years we have treated ourselves and we have suffered even the more: alcohol has led to poverty and disease, food has led to obesity, dependancy on sex has led to a strain in relationships. So now it’s time to try something new, different and powerful that will not harm or hurt us; something that is not out to abuse or use us, rather to better us. It’s called LOVE. It’s called the LOVE OF YAHWEH. To surrender to Him is a matter of turning to Him fully without reservations. Invite Him into your life, become a believer. Pray and read the scriptures daily to gain strength. His words give life to our bones and flesh, thinking and emotions.  Let HIS LOVE bath, clothe and give us a reason to breath and move on.

I now don’t run to my addictions of junk food, porn, negative music as pain relivers, no, I became wiser through Christ and now I run to HIM, to the scriptures, to his powerful blood and over time I realised I was building a foundation in Christ Jesus. A sure foundation that even when the wind blows I still stand firm unto His glory for He is my hope, my life and my love. Alleluia. Amen

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