Yahweh ni Mungu

Yahweh wewe ni Mungu.

Jesus saw a man who had been blind since birth{John 9:1-11}He took some mud, spat on it, applied on the man’s eyes and told the man to was off the mud fromin the pool of Siloam and the man received sight. Alleluia.Amen.

kwa sababu Yahweh ni Mungu.

Four men{Mark 2:5}took their friend down in front of Jesus and as per their faith and humility(repentant heart), the paralytic got up picked up his mat and walked!(victory) Alleluia..amen.

kwa sababu Yahweh ni Mungu and He has the power to forgive.

The man who was at the well for 38years{John 5:8}was asked what do you want and he said to be healed and immediately, a disease that ravaged and tortured him for 38years left him and he got his healing-freedom. Alleluia!!!

Yahweh ni Mungu and He has power over crippling, shaming, disturbing diseases. Alleluia. Amen

What is it you think God cannot do? God is God{Exodus 3:14} and He does not need definitions from science and society to prove who HE IS. HE IS GOD AND HE DOES MIGHTY AND GREAT THINGS that make society stand in awe of HIM. He doesn’t need science to define or prove if HIS POWER IS REAL OR THAT IT CAN WORK WONDERS, all He needs is your FAITH. My friend as per your FAITH shall you RECEIVE YOUR HEALING. IT IS NOT ABOUT WHAT SOCIETY THINKS OR WANTS, IT’S NOT ABOUT WHAT THE WORLD AND SCIENCE HAS SHOWN US. MIRACLES HAPPEN BECAUSE OF OUR FAITH IN YAHWEH.

Who is Yahweh- God in heaven. Ruler of all that is in the heavenlies, earth and underneath the earth. He says let there be and it becomes. He makes the blind see, the weak get strength again, the crippled walk and the dead come back to life. He is the ruler of all the is seen and unseen{Colossians 1:16}Who is Yahweh, He is GOD. Who is God? Your answer to this question will enable you to know if you know Him and truly believe He can do wonders in your life and change your life completely unto His glory. If you know God – good for you. Now do you believe He can do wonders and move your life to newness (from old to new unto His glory? Isaiah 43:19). Do you? I hope and pray you do because as per our Faith in Him will He do wonders in our lives only if we believe anaweza. Alleluia..Amen.

Blessed Virgin Mary pray for our Faith in Yahweh. For protection of our Faith in Yahweh. Amen. Please let’s allow our faith to raise to the level that is needed to open the flood gates of heaven and for us to receive our blessings.

I Love you and Jesus Christ; the way maker, miracle working God, the beginning and the end{Revelations 1:8} love you even more. Cheers

#Yahweh ni Mungu.
#as per your Faith shall it be done unto – Matthew 9:29
#Imani ni muhimu – Matthew 14:31

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