Have you ever prayed for something for such a long time and, you felt like giving up because you felt that, the Lord is not coming or is not listening to you?

I was studying some scriptures  in the Bible and I discovered that some people prayed for years and did not give up, that by the time Jesus Christ was passing their way, all they could do was just receive their blessings and miracle!

1). The man who at the pool of Bethsda{John 5:1-15}for 38years. He prayed for all those years. Praying for one thing – to get healed without giving up until when Jesus came and all he could do was receive his healing.

2). The lady who had a bleeding problem{Luke 8:43-48}she prayed for one thing for 12 years! that she would stop bleeding, and that the shame and embarrassment would end and it did because her faith led her to receive her healing/blessing when the time came.

3). The blind man cried out to Jesus, “Jesus son of David have mercy on me a sinner” and Jesus saw him, healed hence he received his sight again{Luke 18:38-40}. Can you imagine after all the ridicule from people for many years, he still believed that he will one day have sight again and he did!

What touched me or amazes me about the above examples is that they never gave up. Praying for one thing over and over saying – “I want freedom, I want deliverance, I want to be healed, I want change God – from bondage to freedom, I believe I can have a good life and I want a good life, I want change and I want restoration and I believe God you can do it.” I have hope I will change because you are God and you do good and wonders to those you love and I know you are no respecter of persons{Acts 10:34-36}. For 12 year another for 38 years! others may have been a short period but their suffering was equal to those in long wait (JOB and HANNAH), but still their Faith in God haikufifia…🙌🙌

So, my question to you and me today is, what is it you are believing God for? Have you prayed long enough like those examples in the Bible? Can your Faith match to theirs? Have you ever been that patient waiting for the Lord to come your way?

For, some, maybe you have and He has come through and now you have such a big testimony that God is alive, He is Faithful and He works miracles and wonders unto the faithful; those who never give up in Him.

For some of us, we are at that point where we have prayed and prayed for years and we think He has not heard or He forgot, but truth is, God hears every prayer and when you thought He was silent; He never was. When you thought He forgot; He never did for He says He has our names(our lives and everything about it) written on the palm of His hands{Isaiah. 49:16}. So, what makes you think He never listened, forgot about it or simply didn’t care? Now, He has come to answer you after along wait because guess what – your time has come and because of your never giving up on Him and on His promises then shall you receive your timely blessing. How good, how happy, how awesome and wonderful it is for us😃😃😃 to receive the blessings(the answered prayers..But it would be so sad if He passes by and we can’t or didn’t notice Him because we lost all Faith, that which is needed to receive our powerful, timely, blessing and miracles. Let’s not give up on ourselves and lose hope just when God is around the corner, just when He has arrived, just when that blessing has just arrived: just when that visa, that breakthrough, that marriage, that business, that victory prayer has been answered, do not give up on your God. It would be sad. Do you remember Daniel is the Bible, he prayed and fasted for 21days only for the prince of Persia to block his blessings from coming to him.  Now Daniel never gave up, he still called upon God to answer and out of his never giving up, the Lord sent Archangel Michael who fought the prince of Persia and Daniel got his answered prayer. Now can you imagine is he gave up!! he would not have been able to counter the difficultly in getting his blessing. So we pray and pray but what were need to do is to never give up until we get the answer. Look at it this way, Faith is the big basket required to receive and carry your blessings. Prayer and resilience prepares us to receive that blessing. Alleluia. Amen. Be blessed. Cheers.

# Yahweh ni Mungu
# Matthew 9:29

Mungu – is the name of God in kiswahili.

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