Nasadiki kwa Mungu mmoja, ndiye Baba yetu mwenyezi,

muumba mbingu pia dunia, nasadiki kwa Yesu Kristu.

mimi ninasadiki, kweli ninasadiki, nasadiki kwa Yesu Kristu.

Of late, I get challenged when I recite the Apostles’ Creed. I wonder, do we really believe in God the Father and in Jesus Christ His son? To believe in God is to know and accept that He is the way, the truth and the light {John 14:6}, that He is the truth that came to set us free from lies of the devil.

One of the truths is that we are beautifully and wonderfully made{Psalms 139:14}. Beautiful means pleasing to the eyes. So, when we think we are ugly, incapable or unworthy because we are either; slender, plum, dark skinned, less intelligent e.t.c…then we simply surrender to lies. The word of God is an order, it is Yes and Amen{2 Cor 1:20} so, believe it when God says we beautiful and capable for it is truth that cannot be challenged! Further, something wonderful is known to produce pleasing and good results. Likewise, it is important to know that we are not only wonderful, but we are meant to produce wonderful results for we have the capacity within us to be; great leaders, spouses, ministers of God, friends, parents… His grace.

Another truth is that are called to live life to the fullest {John 10:10} so, when we live in depression, self-pity, self-hate and rejection then we simply live in lies for Jesus came to save and set us free from darkness/oppression that we can have life and have it in abundance. God loves us, hence defeated the devil that we could have power over him. With this truth in mind it becomes possible to live a life of abundance for we have the power within us to do so, and that power is Jesus Christ living and breathing within us.

Another truth is that we are the temples of the most high, the most Holy Spirit, the Holy of Holies {1 Cor3:16} we should therefore, keep ourselves holy and pure in thought, word and action for His presence to dwell in us. The devil will lie that we can do whatever we what to do even rebel with our bodies e.g. that we can have sex with whomever we please to our own pleasure, but the truth is fornication is an act of selfishness and disobedience that actually hurts God and destroys us. It leads to ungodly soul ties that cause a lot of pain and hurt. God wants to rule our lives by dwelling in us. He wants to heal and make us strong against devil, further make us His ambassadors wherever we are and I believe He can actively do this when we allow our heart, mind and body to be His dwelling place.

Another truth is that God loves us. {Ezekiel 16:4-14}. The devil will do anything to make us hate God. He can create situations that will lead to hardships and pain so that we can believe that God has abandoned us{ref Job in the bible}. The love of God is our shelter, it is our refuge and our resting place. So, when we turn away from this love, we become prey for the devil to manipulate us into thinking we are nothing, people of no value or purpose, hence we end up wasting ourselves{ref prodigal son}. So, instead of being the people we are meant to be, we end being what the devil wants us to be…but God is merciful and will always restore us back to former glory once we turn back and cry out to Him for help.

Jesus Christ has complete power and authority over the devil. God put all things under His feet and made Him Lord, supreme over all things {Ephesians 1:22}. He is powerful, soo powerful that just by His name we are set free from the devil {Philippians 2:9}. So, let’s believe in Him, trust Him and pursue the truth in Him that has come save and set us free. Jesus is the truth of God and He is found by those who seek Him.

Christ thy kingdom come………



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