Moving On….

To move on is to get from one point to another. It can also be used to mean to move past a particular situation usually an uncomfortable, painful situation. It is to let go of the past painful, embarrassing situations and memories and focus on a good future -a better future. Sometimes, it involves leaving some bad company(friends even family) to focus on building good and strong relationship(s).

Moving on, if you ask me, is crucial for a happy and successful life. I came to discover this truth sometime back when I was feeling down and depressed because there were many things in my life that were not working out and this had put a strain on my emotional and mental state hence making me feel down and out and quite inactive. I had lost joy and psyche in doing things until the Holy Spirit inspired me to look at things differently. I remember on that day, I was made to look outside my window and notice all the things that were happening….. For just outside my window; there were people going about their business looking good and happy, just outside my window there were business men and women working hard to put food on the table, just outside my window there was life going on and this made me want to be part of life. I didn’t want to be left out anymore, it didn’t feel right and I felt alone while everyone else was going on with life!

You see, I have come to learn that life continues whether we like it or not, whether we are hurting or not. I was hurting because of wounds caused by rejection and many other difficulties and challenges in life, but right there and then I had to make a choice of whether to stay in that position of negativity – depression and loneliness or become positive about life’s disappointments/pains and just move on. I chose to move on and I thank God for this.

To move on is not easy, that I must confess, but it is possible with the help of God our Father in heaven. It is a choice we have to make for the sake of peace and sanity hence growth. Along the way I have learnt a couple of things that have helped me to move on but I will share on one critical thing called forgiveness. Forgiveness is often spoken about in church and outside church, in the office, in our families…. It is a famous word, a common word and quite powerful when used and applied. To forgive is to love and let go. It is to let go of all the hurt and pain in our hearts caused by people, things or circumstances in our past or present. To forgive is not an easy thing for I have experienced the sacrifices and challenges that come with it, but I know it is possible through the grace of Christ our Lord and it’s one of the best decisions we can ever make. I will share two examples that I hope will drive the point home and hopefully help us to release the past painful memories and events and just move on. Basketball is a good sport and quite enjoyable to watch and so is handball! I came to discover this recently during the last world Olympics in 2016. I remember watching a game between France and Russia. The game was quite enjoyable, I guess because they are two powerful teams who know how to play the sport.sports-2102975__340I learnt something though; through this sport, that as the game continued, there was a lot of pushing and shoving to the floor. Those players; I believe, had to forgive one another as many times as possible so as to continue with the game. Some players were thrown to the floor by their own team mates and opponents, but they had to forgive, get up from the floor and move on with the game whether the push to the floor was intentionally or not. The goal is to have fun and win the game and I think holding a grudge against every player would only have put them down and drain the joy and energy out of them. We all have goals to achieve and along the way we will meet people in life who may/will hurt us, but I have learnt that, it is purely a choice to want to move on in life with a positive attitude that things will work out – confident that God is always by our side( Joshua 1: 7-9).

Example 2- Imagine a driver, driving from his home area to town for shopping or to the office for work. Can you imagine the number of people he has to forgive just to arrive to his destination in peace and happy? He has to forgive selfish and abusive drivers who overlap and overtake anyhow, he has to forgive pedestrians who cross at risky points making him to apply brakes abruptly every time someone crosses without caution! He has to forgive many things before getting to his destination. Likewise, we shall have to forgive many things and people so as to get to our destinations in peace otherwise we risk burnout, emotional, mental and physical fatigue that will drain the joy out of us and make us either bitter, negative, depressed and worse yet become withdrawn. There are many elements to moving on in life from painful situations and past mistakes -forgiveness is just one of them.

To choose to move on in life towards a better future regardless of our pain, I think is one of the best choices we can ever make. I also know it faces many challenges for the devil doesn’t like to see any form of growth in us, but I believe with the help of God our Father we can do it for He is our daily dose of strength in this our beautiful journey(life)towards heaven.

Christ thy Kingdom come…