Love your neighbour as you love yourself….Matthew 22:39

Love is a grace- a power from God. The first time I heard that love is a grace{a strength of God}, I didn’t quite understand what it meant because I thought love was an obvious feeling generated out of man’s own will, only to discover it’s a gift that comes solely from God.

Love thy neighbour as thy self is the second greatest commandment and I feel it is important to value a neighbour because you never know the treasure that God has put inside of a person. God can use a neighbour to help us in time of need: when we are down and need hope, when we are broken and need support e.t.c. A neighbour can be a family member or friend who we meet in church, school, office and other social places. So, how do we love thy neighbour? I begun by saying that love is a grace from God, it therefore means that for us to love we need to be connected to the giver of love Himself.

I will illustrate this connection to God by comparing it to the connection between a tank and the images-5tap. In this case God will be the tank, we are the tap and the water in the tank is God’s love. Meaning that what we give out to people is God’s love flowing through us. A tap that gives out water is one that is connected to the tank. Likewise, when we are connected to God we are able to give out love that comes from Him. To stay connected to God we need to: Desire Him, Need Him, love Him & continuously Seek Him through His word and allow Him to build a home in our hearts then love will be pouring out of Him into our hearts and to other people. A good relationship with Christ, can act as a pillar and direction on how to love family, a spouse or a friend.

imagesNow imagine a tap that is disconnected from the tank. It can be quite annoying especially when one is thirsty and the tap can’t give out water because it’s dry! I think this is how our loved ones feel when they come to us for love only to be hurt by our dryness e. g. anger and malice, coldness and arrogance etcetera. Dryness or lack of love forms a breeding ground for rejection and all forms of pain and hurt among people hence unsteady relationships in families and other spheres of life.  A connection with God can break when we live under sin and unbroken curses for God is Holy and we are to desire Holiness{1 Peter 1:16}. Unforgiveness is a tool that the devil uses a lot to break our connection to God. We need to know that our neighbours even as close as our parents and siblings can hurt us and sometimes really wound us but, that does not mean that we are not forgive; remember that no one is perfect even you. When you think about it we really don’t have a reason to not forgive. We are all human and human beings make mistakes, meaning even you can make mistakes and you will need to be forgiven by both God and man. God is calling us to love through Him that when it becomes hard to love we look to Him{psalms 121:1-2} and He shall provide the strength we need to love, forgive and move on

 My hope is that this article will help us look at things differently; that love for thy neighbour is possible and it can bear many good fruits if we allow God to rule this love. Secondly, is that we have the capacity to love and be good neighbours to all even those who have hurt us for through Christ Jesus for what is humanly impossible is possible for Him.

Christ thy kingdom come……



2 thoughts on “Love

  1. I love it…..I can now connect and love people easily coz i have an understanding that love comes from God, and the illustration of the tank and the tap can always serve as a reminder to, renew my strength to love others as God loves me. Thanks for the inspiration God bless you Grace.


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