Surrender to Faith

Surrender to faith means surrender to the love of God. It means surrender to the fact that God loves us and His plans for us are prosperity and not disaster….. that we were created to be the best we can be in life{John 10:10}. I got to understand this when  I realized that God takes care of everything even nature.

These trees grow along Waiyaki Way, one of the Kenya’s many highways. No one attends to them but they look healthy, strong  and blossom when the season is right. The birds are alive and active, the fish and all animals of the land are alive to date because God wants it that way{Matthew 6:26}. Actually, when you observe nature you will discover that it is quite peaceful; alone but peaceful because God is in charge. Likewise, I have learnt to be peaceful and hopeful, expectant for the best because if God can take care of nature then I believe He will do far much for the one He loves{Matthew 6:26}.

In life we may find ourselves abandoned, alone and things may become difficult, but the truth is, even if the world may be against us, we will at some point be what we are meant to be.{ref Jesus Christ – He suffered rejection and persecution from the world but still managed to bring salvation to the world}.We need to trust that God did not abandon us on this earth, but created us for a purpose which is meant to give Him glory.

I hope we get encouraged by this article and realize that He who takes care of nature even when no one is concerned, will take care of us and we will blossom at the right time.

God bless you.

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