Faith – Imani

Hebrews 11:1-2. To have Faith is to be sure of things we hope for, to be certain of things we cannot see. For we live by Faith not by sight{2 Corinthians 5:7}.

For me the word Faith became common when I joined the Charismatic Movement. I knew Faith but not as much as a do right now. To be honest it is still a learning process…

I have come to learn that for our Faith to grow we need to know who it is we BELIEVE IN. If we don’t know who God is then, it is easy for the devil to confuse and make us turn away form God. When we have knowledge of someone or something then we know what level of trust to put in them. When you know a Lecturer has a doctorate in  your field of choice then you will put more trust that he/she will give you the best. When you know the benefits of an orange you will eat it with trust that it will boost your immune system. Likewise, with our God we have to invest our time and energy in knowing Him thus build our relationship and automatically our TRUST in Him.

One of the ways of knowing God is through the scriptures:

  1. Know that God is love{1 John 5:8}. Someone who love does not intend to harm. If we as humans, weak as we are can love, be kind, do good and give our best then our God in Heaven can do much more if we only believe and trust Him{Luke 11:11-13}.
  2. God has good plans for us. He does not want to hurt or embarrass us instead He want to better us, to make us prosper to under his will{Jeremiah 29:11}.
  3. God is merciful. He gave up His only Son Jesus in exchange for our iniquities so that we may not die to sin(curse and problems) but, that we may live and flourish to His glory {John 10:10}.
  4. God is good{Mark 10:18} and all good things come from Him{Psalms 145:9}. So, when you pray or think about Him know that He always does what is good to all his children.

In conclusion, I would say Faith in God is good, actually one of the best things to have. It is the beginning of all peace and happiness, but for Faith to grow we have to invest in our relationship with God by pursuing more knowledge about him.

Thank you Jesus. Praise you Jesus.



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