My Dreams, My Picture

images (7)Idream of a good life; a wonderful life, fulfilled in all areas which is okay, but until I take a step of faith to live out my dreams then they remain to be just but dreams. I tend to believe dreams should be painted out for them to come to life. ‘Painting it out’ means living out your dream the best you can.

How you paint your dream determines its outcome. Take two artists for example, who are tasked to bring the image of a rose flower to life, how they paint out the rose will determine which one will be picked. I tend to believe we have the graces(talents, gifts,charisims, e.t.c) to live out our dreams, but we sometimes if not always allow internal or external factors to suppress these graces. Below are a few steps that if followed can help see your dream come to life:

1). Be bold- Do not be shy to paint your picture(idea) for the world to see. Can you imagine if artists ‘shyed’ away from drawing, painting, moulding? then what art would we enjoy?  It takes boldness for an artist to paint his creation for the world to see and possibly judge not aware if the world will enjoy or criticize it. It should take you the same boldness to paint out your dream not concerned whether the world will accept it or not but, content in the fact that your idea actually came to birth to the glory of Yahweh. Gideon had to let go of fear and trust in God for him to see a dream fulfilled i.e. freedom of the Israelites from the Midianites

2). Be patient – A dream requires patience to grow to  perfection. It took Da Vinci 4 years to complete the Monalissa and it took God 7 days to build the earth to completion. These two examples clearly show that every thing good and worth while comes out of patience.  Dreams once born in the mind may take time to grow to their maturity, but they will eventually come to pass. A best practice is to be patient like a wine keeper and watch your dream grow to maturity.

3). Be diligent – Dreams require hard work to come to life. For you to paint a beautiful picture, you have got to work hard at it; you need the skills, the material and a lot of sacrifice. Nothing good comes of procrastination. Once God conceives a dream into your mind then work at it with all your strength and surely He will reward you.(ref:the parable of the servant with 5 talents). God our Father conceived the idea of our salvation in the mind of Jesus Christ and eventually after a lot of hard work, Jesus saw this strong and wise idea come to pass the the glory of God our Father.

4) Self-belief – Believe in your self especially when people seem not to. Self-belief starts with understanding that we are all uniquely made consequently, different dreams will be put in our minds by God depending on our individual graces{Matthew 25:15}. Self-belief also means being content with who you are and knowing that God has the best plans for you at heart{Jer 29:11}. Be aware of both your strengths and weakness; grow in your strengths and allow God to work on your weakness for His glory.

5). Pray – Invite God into your dreams and you shall be successful. {2 chronicles 20:2-30}, King Jehoshaphat prayed to God about wanting to defeat the Ammonites and Moabites and because of such humility, God raised him to glory by defeating his enemies. Psalms 37:5 and Prov 16:3 also emphasises on the importance of submitting your plans to God for them to be successful.

6). Choose the right friends. You need friends who will support your dreams not oppose them. Jesus literally chose people to walk with(disciples) so as to His see a dream come to pass i.e. our salvation. So, in the same spirit get a friend(s) who will support your dreams through prayers, counsel and encouragement. Proverbs 13:20 & Proverbs 12:26 illustrates this further.

Finally, dreams are beautiful, powerful and speak volumes about our destinies. They are meant to bring: joy, peace, victory, growth among other things. So, allow them to come to life to the glory of Yahweh and watch them bless your life and possibly the life of others. Praise be to Jesus now and forever.



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