Heart’s Desire

downloadPsalms 37:4 says, “delight in the Lord, and He will give you your heart’s desire.” So, what is a heart’s desire? I think it is a want or need for your life that only God & you know and sometimes i tend to think it’s only God who really knows our desires. My desire is to love Christ for the rest of my life among other things however, this desire is subject to the devil’s attacks. So, how can I achieve my desire and get the joy that comes with it?

1). Be clear – Be clear about what you want otherwise the devil will take advantage of your confusion for when you are confused it is very easy for the devil to steal a desired blessing from you.  Jacob was clear about wanting Rachael that Leah couldn’t confuse him.

2). Be and stay focused – To be focused means not allowing your self to get swayed away from the goal. Be so focused that even if it means change of friends to achieve your desire then so be it-Jesus chose friends(disciples) to achieve his desire i.e. our salvation. Likewise, ask Him to assist you in choosing friends who will walk with you and help you achieve your goal(s) e.g mentors, counselors, prayer partners, business partners, spouse e.t.c.

3). Persistence – when you want something and I mean really want something then you have to p.u.s.h for it. The beauty with persistence is that it always gets you what you wanted. To persist means to push until you get something, not moving, not flinching from your goal until it comes to pass. It means having a strong attitude, that requires a positive mind set. When you persist to get something you will find that everything in you works towards getting it consequently, you end up achieving it.

4). Patience – Patience is not easy especially if you are used to getting things by force or you were taught things always come as soon as you desire them. Patience is a sign of maturity, it is a discipline for the humble. Patience will see you get what God intends for you not what pressure from in or outside you wants.

5). Be determined – determination kills what we call ‘giving up’. Be so determined to reach your goal that the devil can’t snatch it from you. Jacob was so determined to marry Rachael that even Laban’s denial of his engagement to her could not deter him from pursing her and because of his determination, he eventually got her.

6). Hard work – ‘Fruits of labour always taste the sweetest’ so goes the expression for nothing good comes out of laziness(ref: the servant with 1 talent in the Bible).  Jacob worked for 14years to get Rachael it goes to show you that in life you will have to work hard to get your desired peace and happiness.

7). Faith- Finally, all the above will only make sense once you believe in you and in your maker Jesus Christ. Believe that you can actually achieve your desired goals{Judges 6:11-24}. My friend if you can perceive it you can actually conceive it for everything good works out for the good of those who love God {Romans 8:28}. When you submit your desire to God, He cannot shame you nor forsake you.  Amen.

I hope these 7 steps will help achieve your desired goals to the glory of Christ our King.  


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