In your Mercy, you shall be blessed

Logo for Holy Year of Mercy

In your mercy you shall be blessed{ Matthew 5:7}. When we are merciful to others(friends and enemies) God is also merciful. Pope Francis declared this year 2016, the year of mercy. I think it’s upon us to take advantage of the graces and the blessings that come with it. Here are examples of blessings that came through acts of mercy: {2 Kings 4:8-37} talks of a Shunammite woman who showed mercy to prophet Elisha and his servant Gehazi. Together with her husband they offered them a place to stay in their home and because of their thoughtfulness(mercy) God in turn blessed them with a son.

{1 Kings 17:7-24} talks of a widow at Zarephath who offered prophet Elijah a meal not sure if it will be enough for her and her son but, because of such kindness(mercy), God in turn was faithful- for He declared that the jar of oil and handful of flour will be sufficient for them until He sends the rain and further from that God showed mercy by raising her son to life.

{Joshua chapter 2} talks of how Rahab saved two Israel spies from being captured by hiding them in her house and because of such(mercy) God was faithful by saving her and her entire family from the attack led by Joshua to Canaan. These scriptures and many others prove to us that God is indeed merciful when we are merciful. He shall bless your land when you bless others through your acts of mercy.

Acts of mercy include:
Charity(material)- spare some money every so often to support a needy person.

Prayer- pray for those who can’t pray for themselves.

Forgiveness- forgive those who have hurt you however difficult it may be.

*Be merciful as God your Father in heaven is merciful{Luke 6:36}.


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