Hail Mary

Hail Mary full of grace;
pray that we may release,
the anger within,
the pain beneath,
the bitterness we feel,
that we may enjoy the peace of Christ.
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The Lord is with you,
we pray to always honour you.
Blessed are you among women;
pray for the purity of our women,
for love to overshadow our men,
and the happiness of our children.
Blessed is the fruit of your womb Jesus,
thank you for delivering our saviour Jesus
Holy Mary Mother of God; 
pray for us sinners,
for our thoughts are sinful,
our words are hurtful,
and our actions are shameful.
Now and the hour of our death;
that we may have a peaceful death.


An apology is like ointment, that soothes a cracked heart.
An apology is like a bandage, that stops a bleeding heart.
An apology is like medicine, that heals a painful past.
An apology is an act of love,that shows the other, is more important.
An apology is an act of selflessness,that mends broken relationships.
An apology is an act of goodness, that puts a smile on a face.
An apology is like a bridge,that connects two separate souls.
An apology is not an act of humiliation,
but humility at its best!!
An apology is an act so divine,
that makes God proud of us.
So, don’t be too proud to apologize{ for we all feel pain just like you} and don’t be too proud to accept an apology {for everyone needs forgiveness}. We are not perfect only God is [Matthew 5:48].
Granted, people make and have made mistakes that have hurt us because of their arrogance, immaturity, ‘don’t care’ attitudes e.t.c. but we are still required to forgive however much it may seem impossible; always strive to forgive and move on. How and with what strength? Answer- ask for the God’s grace to forgive. To forgive is actually a grace from God unfortunately, we don’t ask for it so we end up suffering  because of pain and bitterness in our hearts. Jesus said on the cross before He died: “Father, forgive them; for they don’t know what they are doing.” It is through grace that He did so likewise it through grace that we shall. In the Bible (John 14:12-14) He says, you can achieve far much more than He did while on earth and if we ask for anything in His name, it shall be given. Amen.